Who Was Evicted Tonight On Big Brother 25? (11/2/23)

Matt Klotz won this week’s Head of Household competition in Big Brother 25. He nominated Felicia Cannon and Cirie Fields to the block for eviction. His target was Felicia. He has had a special connection and alliance with Cirie for many weeks.

Big Brother 25 Felicia and Cirie

The Power of Veto was their last chance to save their game and take themselves off the block. Unsurprisingly, Jag Bains won another POV and did not use the power. Felicia or Cirie will be evicted and sent to the Big Brother 25  jury house tonight. Will Jag and Bowie Jane follow Matt’s wishes and evict Felicia, or will they go rogue and evict Cirie?

Big Brother 25 Week Thirteen Power of Veto Ceremony Aftermath

The Minute Men alliance, Matt and Jag, have a different idea of who should be evicted this evening. Matt wants Felicia to go, while Jag feels that Cirie being evicted would be much better for his game and his path forward.

During a conversation between Jag, Matt, and Bowie, they finally agreed to target Cirie for eviction. They also agreed to keep both evictees thinking they were safe. A blindside of Cirie is in the works.

Big Brother 25 Jury House Update

The time has come to check in with the houseguests in the jury house. A quick trip to the house showed how Cameron Hardin, Cory Wurtenburger, Blue, Kim, and America Lopez earned their trip out the door.

Big Brother 25 Jury

Each evicted houseguest showed the others how their eviction went down. Most jury members are torn on who is playing the best game. The decision lies between Jag and Matt, AKA the Minute Men.

Big Brother 25 Last Minute Plays to Stay

Felicia decided to throw Jag under the bus with Matt and try to take advantage of his disability. Felicia approached Matt to tell him that Jag and Bowie were making disparaging remarks about Matt behind his back that he couldn’t hear. This only fired up Matt to go after Felicia even harder once he spoke with Jag and cleared the air.

Big Brother 25 Week Thirteen Live Eviction Vote

The time has come for this week’s eviction vote. The votes were as follows:

Jag voted to evict Cirie
Bowie voted to evict Cirie


Cirie Fields, the legend, was evicted from the Big Brother 25 house. During her exit interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, Cirie said she never felt comfortable as the pawn this week. She was thrilled that she lasted 93 days in the Big Brother 25 house after playing Survivor many times. She is considered a Survivor legend. When Julie asked, Cirie said Big Brother was more difficult than Survivor.

Big Brother 25 Week Fourteen Head of Household Competition

The final four HOH competition is called Chen Bot Volume One, and it was sent down from the Comic-Verse. Julie has her comic book. The players can quickly review certain pages and answer A or B to each question. The winner, after seven rounds, will be crowned the next HOH.

In the last round, Jag and Bowie were tied with four points each, while Felicia had just two points. On the last question, Jag and Bowie tied. The tie-breaker question went to Bowie Jane. This is her third tiebreaker question victory. She has secured her spot in the final three.

As we head towards the finale next week, it’s time for America’s Vote to determine the favorite player of Big Brother 25. To vote for your favorite player, visit CBS.com/BBvote to vote now!

Join us this Sunday for another live eviction at 10 PM EST. On Tuesday, November 7th at 8 PM, the final three will begin the battle to become the final HOH. Join us then.


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