Big Brother 25 Episode 38 Recap: Trick or Treat

Matt Klotz won the last episode’s Head of Household with only five houseguests remaining in the Big Brother 25 house. Matt and Jag Bains have a final three with Bowie Jane. They also have a final four deal with Felicia Cannon and Cirie Fields. That created problems when naming block nominations this week for Matt.

BB25 Felicia and Cirie

Ultimately, Matt nominated Felicia and Cirie to the block for eviction. Neither were very happy, especially when they expected Bowie on the block. Matt is targeting Felicia this week, but Jag and Bowie want Cirie sent to the jury house because she is a more significant threat. Who will win the POV and have the golden power?

Big Brother 25 Week 13 Block Nominations Aftermath

In the Big Brother 25 house, it’s hard to tell who is more upset with the block nominations, Cirie or Felicia. Neither understand why they are on the block when they have a final four alliance with the current HOH. Matt told Felicia, his target, that Bowie was his target this week. He needed her to feel comfortable, so she didn’t try hard to win the POV competition.

Although Matt wants to target Felicia for eviction this week, Jag and Bowie feel Cirie is more dangerous to their game. They will have only two votes in the eviction this week, so they hold all the power.

Big Brother 25 Week 13 Power of Veto Competition

This competition is called Swamp Slashers, and here is how it works. Each player must trek through a murky swamp to reach the base for a floating antenna they must build to call for help from the killer. They can only take one piece of the antenna at a time to the base through the swamp.


There are 25 pieces of the antenna. The first player to stack all 25 pieces of their antenna, keep them stacked, and call for help will win the golden Power of Veto. This is definitely a physically challenging competition. This is not looking so good for Felicia or Cirie based on previous performances.

Matt does not want to win this competition. That would put him in a challenging position with Cirie and Felicia. He is hopeful that Jag or Bowie will win, and they should keep the nominations the same.

BB25 HOH Jag

There should be no surprise when we reveal that Jag won yet another competition. This is his sixth POV win and his eighth total competition victory. If he isn’t targeting and eliminated, Jag may walk away with $750,000.

Big Brother 25 Week 13 Trick or Treat Challenge

The Scary Verse announced a challenge for the houseguests for Halloween. Players can take or gift candy to each other’s Halloween baskets. Ultimately, whichever player has the most pieces of candy wins $5,000.

BB25 Matt Klotz

Matt had 17 pieces of candy at the end and won the $5,000 Halloween challenge.

Big Brother 25 Week 13 Power of Veto Ceremony

Felicia is sure that Matt will have Jag use the POV to take her down and put Bowie in her place. Matt told her this exact information. She knows if he doesn’t pull her off the block, their alliance will never be real.

At the POV Ceremony, Jag decided NOT to use the golden POV. The nominations of Cirie and Felicia will remain the same. One of the two of those houseguests will be joining the jury house this week.

Join us again on Thursday, November 2nd, at 9 PM EST for the live eviction vote.


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