Big Brother 22 Spoilers: The Basement Competition Results

On Thursday, Big Brother: All-Stars host Julie Chen-Moonves announced that a new twist would enter the game this week. It would basically be a new version of the black-box competition that was played on several past seasons. Houseguests would have to search in the dark for three potential powers. These powers were supposed to be game-changing.

The BB Basement Competition

On Friday, the houseguests competed in these competitions. And the three prizes were awarded to various houseguests. A few of them revealed their prizes to other houseguests quite early on Friday.



Christmas Abbott revealed that her prize is “The Blocker.” In the next three weeks, she can stop herself or someone from being named as a replacement nominee after the Veto has been used, but before a replacement is named. Daniele Donato-Briones won “The Replay” second power. Her power is also good for three weeks, and she can allow the outgoing Head of Household to play in the next HOH competition. Therefore possibly making someone the only Head of Household to win one two weeks in a row.  David Alexander surprised Big Brother viewers tonight when the episode revealed  that he won the third prize, “The Disrupter.” The Disrupter allows him to save one of the HOH’s nominees in the next three weeks. That person is then safe for the entire week.


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