Who Was Nominated to the Block Tonight on Big Brother All-Stars? (9/6/20)

Last time, we sadly watched as the second Big Brother legend of the O.G. duo, Kaysar Ridha, was evicted from the Big Brother All-Star house. Kaysar left right behind his partner in crime,Janelle Pierzina, was evicted from the game. Big Brother fandom was hoping for some changes in the BB house, and they almost had their wish.

Big Brother All-Stars Christmas Abbott

Then, Da’vonne Rogers, choked on the last round of the Head of Household competition. She had been running over all of the other competitors in the house. Once it was down to just her and Christmas Abbott, she buzzed in with the wrong answer and actually handed the HOH on a silver platter to Christmas. Now, the house majority is running the Big Brother house again this week, and we can almost guess what’s going to happen…again.

Week Five Head of Household Aftermath

Day knew opportunity slipped right through her fingers when she handed Christmas the HOH competition. At the live eviction, just prior to the HOH competition, Kaysar blew up the house and provided a perfect pitch to let Day easily nominate Dani Donato and Nicole Franzel to the block for eviction. But that’s Big Brother, the game can shift on a dime in a moment’s notice.

Kaysar’s goodbye message for the house has impacted the Slick Six alliance and others. Kaysar told the house that Cody Calafiore and Nicole were secretly running the house. Now they have targets on their backs, but with Christmas as the new HOH, that has taken some of the heat off of them. Kaysar added into his speech that Dani was in a three-way love triangle with Cody and Nicole which Dani did not take well, nor Nicole.

Day is very perplexed as to why her own alliance, the Slick Six, chose her over everyone else as the second selection in the HOH competition. Cody picked Day over everyone else sitting there to play in the second round. Day is ready to fight and fight hard against her own alliance.

Big Brother All-Star Christmas and Enzo

During a private conversation in the HOH room, Enzo and Christmas talked about noms for this week. Enzo brought up Day, Nicole and Bayleigh Dayton all play with their emotions. He felt they are risky because they play so emotionally. Both he and Christmas agreed they were good targets for the block this week.

Dani also wanted Day and Bay nominated to the block this week, but she wanted to protect her game as well. She approached Bay to try and do some damage control, and Bay was not having any of it. Bay flat out told her that she heard Dani wanted her and Day on the block together, but Dani denied, denied, denied. Bay was not feeling it. The Slick Six is all but a memory.

Week Five Twist BB Basement

There is a new room in the Big Brother house, the BB Basement. This new room holds three special powers that have never been discovered before. All three powers will be won within one single competition. No one will know who won the super powers because the BB Basement is pitch black, and the competition will be played in the dark. Game on houseguests!

The goal for each houseguest is to find one of the three power icons hidden in the basement. Once an icon is found, the houseguest must find the matching podium to claim that power. All players will be let into the basement at once and the search will begin…in the dark. Once all three powers are claimed at each podium, the competition is over.

Big Brother All-Stars BB Basement

After all of the houseguests fumbled around in the dark searching for powers and their podiums, the competition is over. Christmas won the Blocker power.This power is used to prevent yourself or another houseguest from being the replacement nominee at the Power of Veto meeting. She has three POV meetings to use her new power.

Dani won the Replay power. This power permits the HOH to play in back-to-back HOH competitions. This power can be used by Dani or she can give it to someone else. The power can be used in this HOH or can be used in the next two HOH.

David Alexander won the final power, the Disruptor. This power will disrupt the HOH reign by secretly saving one of the block nominees forcing the HOH to name a new nominee to the block. The person saved will be safe for the entire week, and he can use the power on himself. This power must be used within the next three nomination ceremonies.

Week Five Block Nominations

At the nominations ceremony, HOH Christmas nominated Day and Bay to the block for eviction this week. Christmas explained that this was not a personal choice. She nominated them because Bay had told Christmas that Day was her untouchable.

Big Brother All-Stars HOH

Consequently, they were both nominated to the block. She wanted them to both have the opportunity to play in the POV and win. Who will win the POV and will it be used to save either Bay or Day? Join us again this Wednesday, September 9 at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the Power of Veto.


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