Big Brother 20 Week 8 Live Eviction Recap (08/23/2018)

When this week’s Head of Household Faysal Shafaat nominated one of the last 2 people in the Big Brother 20 house that definitely had his back, Big Brother fans thought this was a pretty dumb move.  However, if Fessy can be conned into putting up Haleigh Broucher as the replacement nominee for Brett Robinson, then he just may be dumber than any of us every thought possible.  Clearly, Fessy has enough sense not to listen to Scottie Salton and Sam Bledsoe and buy their pitch about evicting Haleigh, right?

Big Brother 20 Fessy

Stranger things have happened in the Big Brother 20 house this season, and that’s what makes us keep coming back for more and more.  Even if Fessy doesn’t nominate Haleigh as the replacement nom, he has already done plenty of damage this week by nominating Scottie.  Tyler Crispen and JC Moundiux have both ‘tricked’ the substitute teacher during his own HOH into believing whatever is best for their game play.  Can or will Fessy come to his senses before it’s too late?

Before the POV meeting, Fessy decided to tell Haleigh that Scottie pitched him to put her up as the replacement nominee.  He went as far as to tell Haleigh that Scottie called her Kaitlyn 2.0.  Obviously, this did not sit well with Haleigh.  She was emotionally crushed and broke down in tears in front of the entire Level 6 crew, sans Brett.  Level 6 comforted Haleigh until she got herself together enough to confront Scottie herself.

During her conversation with Scottie, he told Haleigh the entire story and confided to her that it was best at this point in the game if he went home now.  He was overcome with guilt about throwing Haleigh under the bus and calling her Kaitlyn 2.0.  Scottie apologized to Haleigh for what he had done to her and her game.  Haleigh just kept telling him that she didn’t understand his actions, and Scottie was not able to provide a clear explanation.

Now that Scottie has come to his senses, he decided to go to Fessy and make good on what he had done to Haleigh.  Scottie dug himself an even deeper hole by telling Fessy that he has feelings for Haleigh and doesn’t know how to handle them.  This info just makes Fessy more determined to get Scottie out of the Big Brother house.

Power of Veto Ceremony

During the POV ceremony, Brett offered Scottie an opportunity to convince him why he should use his POV on him and not himself.  Rather than taking that opportunity, Scottie decided to throw Sam under the bus.  Scottie told the Big Brother house that Sam was the one everyone should be concerned about right now and not him.  Oh, Scottie!

Big Brother 20 POV

In the end, Brett used the POV on himself and took himself off the block.  In return, Fessy had to pick a replacement nominee. Fessy decided to replace Brett with Kaycee Clark as the replacement nominee.  She was put up as a pawn to insure that Scottie goes home this week.

Last Minute Deals and Dealings

Before the eviction this week, Fessy called Angela Rummans, Tyler, and Haleigh into the HOH room to talk about a proposition.  Fessy proposed that the four of them form an alliance and take each other to final 4.  Then they fight it out amongst themselves and let best man win.  Tyler and Angela went along with Fessy’s plan, but behind their backs, Tyler and Angela were talking about how to use this to their best advantage.  Don’t forget, they are integral members of Level 6 and very loyal to their alliance.

Big Brother 20

Tyler is in one of the best positions in the Big Brother house.  He has agreements and final plans with everyone inside the Big Brother house.  As long as he continues to properly juggle all these relationships, he should continue to be in an optimal situation in the game.  He is probably in the best position of anyone in the Big Brother house right now, but how long can that last?

Week 8 Live Eviction Vote

Angela Rummans Votes to Evict Scottie
Brett Robinson Votes to Evict Scottie
Haleigh Broucher Votes to Evict Scottie
JC Moundiux Votes to Evict Scottie
Sam Bledsoe Votes to Evict Scottie
Tyler Cispen Votes to Evict Scottie

Big Brother 20 Scottie Salton

With the first unanimous vote of the summer and by a vote of 6-0, Scottie has been evicted from the Big Brother house.  During his exit interview with Julie Chen, Scottie admitted that he tried to get Sam to pitch to Fessy that Haleigh should be the one to go on the block as the replacement nominee.  He did so to try and get Fessy to put Sam on the block for picking on his girl Haleigh.  Scottie figured if he was on the block with Sam, she would be the one evicted this week and not him.  Good plan but it backfired on him.

Head of Household Competition

This week’s Head of Household competition is called Sweet Shot.  Players must search for a token in a large ball pit.  Once they find a token, they turn that token into the the host, Fessy, for a chance to roll a ball down the conveyor belt.  The first houseguest to make a perfect shot and land the ball in the red cup wins HOH.  If the houseguest doesn’t make a perfect shot, they can try again to find another token or lock in the score they received on the previous shot.  The tokens are transferrable so the houseguests can give them to another houseguest to use in the competition.

Big Brother 20 HOH

Join us Sunday at 8:00pm CST/9:00pm EST for the results of the HOH competition and the block nominations.

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