Big Brother Reindeer Games Final 4 Episode 6 Recap (12/21/23)

Tonight is the final episode of Big Brother Reindeer Games, as we will watch the final four compete for the $100,000 grand prize. The final four include Frankie Grande, Nicole Franzel, Taylor Hale, and Xavier Prather. We have two females and two males battling for the final victory.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

Big Brother Reindeer Games Naughty & Nice Challange

Tiffany Mitchell is back tonight as the Elf Ambassador, AKA host. She arrived at Santa’s Lodge and announced some teenage elves had broken into the Lodge. When they were here, they switched out one of the paintings for a forgery. The first player to identify the forgery will receive a huge competitive advantage later today.

The houseguests were tasked with finding the forgery. Xavier noticed the name of the Mona Blitzen had changed to Mona Vixen. He rang the silver bell first and won the advantage. Tiffany told him he could make the brackets in the upcoming event. This means that Xavier can pick which player he is paired against, giving him tremendous help in the game. His counterpartner in the bracket will also have a 30-second delay in the competition.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

Xavier set the brackets and will play against Nicole in the match-up. Frankie and Taylor will compete against one another. The winner from each semi-final will meet in the three-part final competition.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Semi-Finals

Santa’s gigantic nutcrackers are broken, and the finalist must fix them. They have 28 gears to place in the proper place so that when the crank is turned, all the gears spin and crack the walnut at the top. The first player to complete this challenge will move on to the finals. First up is Xavier against Nicole. Don’t forget Nicole has a 30-second penalty at the start.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

In an unbelievable competition, Nicole beat Xavier even with the penalty. Xavier was eliminated from the games, and Nicole will advance to the final competition.

In the second part of the semi-finals, Frankie and Taylor competed against one another. Their competition was a bit different. They listened to a bulletin describing naughty elves. Once they have identified the five elves, they must use a sling to knock down the elves’ pictures. They must reset and begin again if they accidentally knock down the wrong elf. The first to have knocked down all five elves first wins the last semi-final.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

After a tense competition, we will have an all-female finale for the first-ever Reindeer Games. Taylor beat Frankie, and he was eliminated from the competition. Nicole will fight against Taylor in the finale.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Finals

All houseguests were brought back to watch the final and root for their favorite. Everyone was shocked to see an all-female final from two former Big Brother winners.

The final aim is to gather three enchanted items: the magical mistletoe, the ancient antlers, and the sacred snowflake.

For the mistletoe, they must build and climb a unique Christmas tree to reach it. After the mistletoe is in hand, the goal shifts to the ancient antlers. A 3D spinning maze protects the antlers. Once freed, they can move on to the final artificial. They must stack 32 snowflakes around the giant snowflake in the North Pole to win the final challenge.

The first player to bring all three artifacts to the Merry Magic Maker and activate it will fuel Santa’s sleigh. This player will have not only saved Christmas, but they will also win the first Reindeer Games and the $100,000 grand prize.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

Taylor was the first to grab the mistletoe and move on to the antler maze. Nicole was hot on her heels. Again, Taylor finished the antler maze before Nicole and first moved on to the snowflake puzzle. Nicole caught up with Taylor quickly, and they were neck and neck in the final challenge.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

After a very close competition that was so close all along, Nicole won the Reindeer Games. She won the grand prize of $100,000 and saved Christmas for Santa and his elves.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

Thanks for joining us in the first annual Big Brother Reindeer Games. I hope to see you back here for the next season of Big Brother 26.