Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 2 Recap (12/12/23)

Another Big Brother veteran will be going home tonight on the second installment of Big Brother Reindeer Games. Last evening we watched as Xavier Prather sent Cameron Harding home in Santa’s Showdown. In each episode of the special Chrinstmas edition of Big Brother, a Big Brother heavyweight will be eliminated from the competition.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

When the dust settles, there will be four veterans remaining that will play in the Reindeer Games. The winner takes all, which is a $100,000 prize, just in time for Christmas. Tonight’s episode will be the second of six episodes of the Big Brother Chrinstmas spin-off that specializes in competitions between nine all-star players.

Big Brother Naughty and Nice Challenge

Elf Ambassador Jordan is back to help Santa. She advised the houseguests there is another crisis at the North Pole. The carolers are cranky and will only sing one of their scheduled 20 Christmas songs. The houseguests must check the house for the names of the 19 missing Christmas carols in the second Naughty and Nice Challenge.

The first houseguest to ring the silver bell with the correct name of the song the carolers are singing will win the Naughty and Nice power. The winner will receive an advantage in the upcoming Jingle Bell Brawl, and that also gives them the power to give a houseguest a disadvantage.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

After the houseguests have run around Santa’s Lodge like crazy people, Cody Calafiore won the Naughty and Nice power for the day. Elf Jordan announced the upcoming Jingle Bell Crawl is a team challenge where the winner’s entire team will be safe from elimination.

Cody’s advantage is he is able to choose his three teammates for the challenge. Cody must also pick a player to put on the naughty list which end up giving the other team a disadvantage, not just one player, Cody has some big decisions to make.

Cody made his decision, and he chose Frankie Grande, Nicole Franzel, and Xavier for his teammates. In addition, Cody chose Taylor Hale for the naughty list. We don’t know yet what her disadvantage will be tonight.

Big Brother Jingle Bell Brawl

The teams must decorate Christmas trees with weighted ornaments that must balance on each side. The first team to complete their trees will win the challenge. For her disadvantage, Taylor must decorate a smaller tree before her team can begin decorating their weighted tree. Let the games begin.

Taylor finished her small tree in record time. She was able to not cost her team a big disadvantage. Both teams are feverishly working on balancing their four trees, one at a time. The further the teams go in the competition, the harder it is to balance the balls on the Christmas trees.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

The mis-fits team is whooping on the super team currently. That doesn’t change throughout the competition. Taylor, Josh, Britney, and Dani beat the Big Brother dream team of Cody, X, Frankie, and Nicole. The mis-fits are ecstatic with their win.

The winning team must now pick one person from the losing team to receive safety. The other three losers will compete against one another in Santa’s Showdown. The loser of the showdown will be eliminated.

Big Brother Santa’s Showdown

One-at-a-time, all four members of the losing team visit with the winning team to pitch why they deserve safety from the Santa’s Showdown. Each team member has a good pitch to give to them. The winning team ultimately picked Nicole for safety. This means that Cody, Frankie, and X will compete to stay in the game. This will be one amazing Santa’s Showdown.

This competition is about picky kids on Santa’s list. Five different kids have submitted lists to Santa of things they love and things they hate. The players must put one toy for each kid at a time in the wrapped box and put the lid on. Once they think they have all five perfect presents in the boxes, they must hit their buzzer to see if they are right or wrong.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

If they are wrong, they must keep going until they have the correct presents in the boxes. The first two players to complete the challenge wins safety for the day. The player in last place will be going home.

Xavier is quick with figuring out the clues and which presents are correct for each child on Santa’s list. He got the clue of which toy had legs but no arm which was a telescope. Frankie saw X pick the telescope and picked up on that toy as well. That left Cody in the dark and in last place of the competition. He was eliminated from the competition.

Cody picked his present from under the tree and received a fruitcake.

Join us again on Thursday, December 14th at 8PM EST for the next episode of Big Brother Reindeer Games.