Big Brother 19 Recap: Nominees Finalized for Tonight’s Eviction (7/19/17)

Alex Ow is the Head of Household during the third week inside the Big Brother 19 house.  Her nominations to the block for eviction this week are Dominque Cooper and Jessica Graf.  Jessica is basically collateral damage due to her association and showmance with Cody Nickson, who was evicted last week.  Dominique is the primary target for eviction from the Big Brother 19 house, mostly due to Cody throwing her under the bus on his way out the door.

Big Brother 19 Block Nominees

Can Dominique win the Big Brother 19 Power of Veto and take herself off the block, or can she rely on another houseguest to use the POV to save her game?

Now that Dominque knows that her own group betrayed her, she is out to identify who is pulling the strings and orchestrated her nomination.  She suspects Paul Abrahamian is the guilty party: Dominique believes that he is the “snake” within the Big Brother house.  When Dominique confronts him, Paul denies any betrayal.

She doesn’t believe what he tries to sell her, and she knows that she needs some help to stay in the Big Brother 19 house.  Dom’s closest ally in the house, Mark Jansen, vows to do anything that he can to save her from eviction this week…but will it be enough?

Paul has made sure to share his two cents with Alex about the upcoming eviction and  nominees.  He wants Jessica pulled off the block and replaced with Mark.  His belief is that this plan would increase their chances of Dominique going home on Thursday.  Mark is brought into the Big Brother HOH room, and then presented with the possibility of being a pawn for Alex.

Mark is very uncomfortable with being a pawn; he says that he will not campaign for or against Dominique if put into this position.  As his best friend in the game, Mark is very emotional about her situation and possible eviction from the Big Brother 19 house.

At the POV selection ceremony, three additional houseguests are selected to compete in this week’s POV competition.  By default, Alex, Dominque, and Jessica are automatically competing.  By random selection, Jason Dent, Kevin Schlehuber, and Christmas Abbott will also be competing for the golden POV.  Unfortunately, Christmas was not medically cleared to participate and must sit this one out, much to her dismay.

The POV ceremony, the Temple of Temptation, requires that the houseguests traverse a suspended beam over a harrowing lava pit.  Once across, they must touch the Sacred Squirrel statue and then return back across the lava pit.  The first houseguest to complete 50 consecutive trips across the pit, without falling, will be blessed with the golden POV.  If any houseguest decides to take the temptation of the Chalice of Cha-Ching, they will receive a cash prize but will be immediately eliminated from the Big Brother competition.

Big Brother 19 Power of Veto

Kevin doesn’t make many attempts to cross the lava pit before deciding to take the temptation.  Kevin’s cash prize is revealed to be a whopping $27, bringing his total cash winnings this season, so far, to $25,027.  In the end, Jason wins the POV by just one point over Alex.  Jessica and Dominique really didn’t have a fighting chance of winning this competition after several falls into the lava pit, which reset their scores to zero.

Big Brother 19 Jason Dent

Now that Jason has the POV, Alex and him need to decide the best plan of attack for this week’s eviction goals. Jason has expressed to Alex that he would prefer to pull Jessica off the block and replace her with Raven Walton.  His rationale of this move is to ensure that Dominique goes home, because no one would vote to evict Raven from the Big Brother house.  Alex doesn’t see the point nor does she agree with Jason’s philosophy with this move.

Big Brother Dominque Cooper

Dominique takes one last shot at saving her game.  First she approaches Jason.  She explains to him that there is a “snake” amongst them, and the “snake” is the one that is responsible for her group’s betraying her.  She refused to name the snake, but advised Jason to keep his friends close and his enemies closer.  Next, Dominique flat out tells Alex that Paul is the snake.  This seemed to be done in complete desperation on Dominique’s part. Of course, Alex immediately goes to Paul with the information, which results in Paul wearing a hilarious snake-printed dress at the Big Brother POV ceremony.

At the POV ceremony, Dominique calls Paul out as the snake amongst her group.  This was her last ditch effort to save herself.  Jason decides NOT to use the golden POV.  Jessica and Dominque remain on the block for eviction tonight.

As long as nothing catastrophic occurs inside the Big Brother house, it appears Dominique will be the next houseguest to meet Julie Chen.  Tune in tonight for the Big Brother week three eviction.

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