Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 19 Highlights: Den of Temptation Unleashes Fear and Fibs

All week, Big Brother 19 fans have speculated when the last Den of Temptation would be awarded to the winner. Some thought that it would occur today, after the latest Big Brother 19 live eviction. Others speculated that it would happen on Wednesday, right after the Halting Hex voting ended. We now know that it occurred yesterday in the Big Brother 2017 house.

Big Brother 19 Dominique Cooper

We just don’t know who won it. Going into tonight’s Big Brother 19 live eviction, we may end it with no eviction at all.

Who Got the Halting Hex?

Big Brother 19 Cast

When Big Brother 19 Live Feeds returned, Raven Walton, Jason Dent, Alex Ow, and a few others were quick to confirm that they did not have the latest Den of Temptation. However, Jessica Graf seemed very chipper. She then started to ask a lot of questions about double eviction, Cody Nickson’s possible return, and voting for this Big Brother 2017 week.

Next, Dominique Cooper was very quiet, but then had a private conversation with herself where she talked about her nomination plans. Dominique mentioned putting Paul Abrahamian and Mark Jansen on the block for eviction.

The Big Brother 19 houseguests who clearly didn’t have the Halting Hex were freaking out. They really wanted to know who had it. They tried to get info out of Jessica and Dominique but got nothing.

These Little Talks

Big Brother 19 Cast

Dominique told Paul that she felt the Big Brother 2017 houseguests isolated her. He claimed that she isolated herself. The whole conversation was set up for Paul to try to get some entail against Dominique. She also mentioned how people were scared of her. When he got no info from her, he went on another one of his infamous anti-Dominique rants. Paul encouraged all the houseguests to wear snake related stuff at Dominique’s possible eviction.

Meanwhile, Alex, Jason and Jessica had a talk in the Head of Household room. They talked a lot about the possibility of Cody’s return. Alex was supposed to be fishing for information on Jessica having the Den of Temptation, but got nothing. Alex seemed very frustrated about the possibility of Jessica having a power. She went on her own rant about hating Jessica and wanting her out the Big Brother game.

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