Big Brother 2016: 14 Burning Questions About Season 18

The Big Brother 18 premiere is just two weeks away, with new information being leaked daily. As usual, I am extremely excited to see where this season takes us. “But first”, I have some questions.

Big Brother Questions

1. Who will take care of the fish this season? Watch the producers put returning Houseguests in just so they can have Frankie Grande take care of the fish religiously.

2. Is the travel theme of the Big Brother 18 house something I need to be thinking about, or have I been so engrossed with Game of Thrones that I think every minor detail holds significant value?

3. Also, why is the front door now double wide? I would say it’s because Joanna Gaines decorated the house, but there isn’t enough shiplap in the house for it to be her work.

Big Brother 18 House Tour (2)

4. Was Evel Dick just messing with us in April about the All-Stars leak, or was he going for some kind of Inception game?

5. Who said, “Since the Houseguests are so good at keeping the house clean, I’ve got a great idea for the bathroom… sand.”

6. And why did no one shut that idea down?

Big Brother 18 House Tour (3)

7. What tortures await the HG’s in the have-not room? My money is on air plane seats en lieu of beds. Possibly terminal seats. With the sound of crying babies piped in every so often.

8. Can we believe all the Big Brother alumni who are teasing us on social media? Certainly Chen Bot has snipers on all of them just waiting for someone to spill an important detail.

9. If it is a Fresh Meat vs. Legends or All-Stars cast, which of our beloved/hated HG’s will return? I can’t dwell on this because I’m coming up with some really bad combinations. We’ll find out on Monday (hopefully) when the Big Brother 18 cast is revealed on the Live Feeds.

10. And if it is a mixture of new and returning Houseguests… why? Let us all remember BB13 and BB14. Now forget it again.

11. Will Battle of the Block still be a thing? If so, that decision maker needs to have a time out in the sand.

12. Why did the producers recruit mock houseguests this season to go into the house prior to the real house guests going in?

13. How many times will Julie Chen, “but first” us in the season premiere?

14. Is it June 22nd yet?

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