Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Spoilers: Friday Report – 7/4/2014

Well, we have a lot of Big Brother spoilers to share from the Live Feeds overnight! Production apparently wanted to get as much as possible out of the way before the holiday weekend started, so it was a busy and mostly sleepless night for the Big Brother 16 cast.

Big Brother Live Feeds 7-4-2014 (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds 7-4-2014 (CBS)

After the live eviction on Thursday night, the house was put on fast-forward mode to rush through both the Nominations Ceremony and the Battle of the Block before the 4th of July weekend kicked off. Why? Well, because a lot less people will be watching the Big Brother Live Feeds and we’re sure the secondary crew was left running things so their bosses could go play.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. You have been warned!

In case you missed them, you can catch up on the Big Brother spoilers from the Nominations Ceremony here, and find out the results of the Battle of the Block over here.

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Now let’s move along to our Friday Big Brother Live Feeds spoilers report for July 4, 2014!

12:00 AM – Frankie and Derrick talk and Derrick says that Brittany, Paola, and Nicole all know they are going up on the block. Only Hayden will be surprised. Frankie says if he wins the Power of Veto, he will not use it on Hayden. Derrick says The Bomb Squad will have to meet and come to a decision together.

12:05 Am – Meanwhile, Devin tells Hayden he needs to win the Power of Veto so they can keep their primary target, Brittany, in line for eviction. He tells Hayden that Amber is going to nominate him with Nicole.

12:15 Am – Devin tells Paola repeatedly that she is not going home. She is not happy about Devin wanting to put her up on the block. She feels embarrassed about her game play in the house already and being bad at competitions. Devin tells her to throw the Battle of the Block Competition and he will promise her safety for two weeks. He also says if he wins the Power of Veto, he will take her off the block. He tells her to act sad, but not too much, when she finds out she is nominated. She wants to know who his backup option is if something happens with the PoV. He says he can’t tell her and just keeps repeating over and over she is not going home and pinky swears on it.

The Live Feeds cut out for the Nominations Ceremony.

2:12 AM – The Live Feeds return and the nominations have been named. Amber nominated Hayden and Nicole. Devin nominated Brittany and Paola. Hayden tells Nicole not to be concerned about being up on the block because she is safe. Chrisine and Cody come in. Hayden tells them Devin was in control of nominations and Amber is a wuss. He says Caleb and Devin totally control her.

Christine tells Cody that Amber really wanted to go after Devin but couldn’t. Christine says she would like to punch Devin in the balls. Both girls really do not like him. Cody says he wants Paola to be evicted this week and he wants to get Amber to backdoor Devin if she can after the Battle of the Block.

Meanwhile, over in the storage room, Zach and Derrick talk about the nominations. Zach says he and Cody don’t want to vote against Brittany if she is a final nominee. He wants Derrick, Cody, Christine, Brittany, and Donny to work together next week to get out Devin. Unless they can somehow manage it this week. Derrick says Caleb told Frankie he would use the Power of Veto on Hayden if he won it and Hayden was still on the block.

Devin is all over Amber and Caleb about sticking to the alliance of eight. He is really quite condescending. He promises he has loyalty and integrity to this alliance. When Devin leaves, Amber says it is so hard to see everyone upset and crying. Caleb pats her on the shoulder.

2:30 AM – Christine and Brittany are in the bathroom talking about noms and how Amber is being controlled. Brittany says if things don’t change, Devin is going to win this thing.

In the storage room, Zach and Paola talk about noms. Christine comes in. They tell Paola she has to win Battle of the Block. Paola says she was put up so Brittany would go home. Everyone believes Devin is responsible for all of the nominations. Christine tells Paola she will be fine because she is not the target.

2:45 AM – Brittany and Paola talk game in the Hive room. They know the plan is to get them to lose the Battle of the Block. Paola asks why Amber would do that. Brittany says it isn’t Amber in charge, it is Devin. Brittany wants to know if Paola is going to throw the BoB Competition. She says no and that if she doesn’t win, it’s just because she sucks at competitions. Brittany says Devin will bully everyone into voting against her if she stays on the block and she doesn’t want to go home at his hands. Paola says Devin is the main target now in the house.

Shortly after, Devin talks to Paola in the HoH Room and once again tells her that she needs to throw the BoB. He says if something happens to him, she will lose her protection. He says Brittany needs to be evicted, followed by Victoria. He once again promises that if he wins PoV, he will take her off the block.

3:00 AM – Caleb, Amber, and Devin talk to Nicole and Hayden. Caleb says they are up for eviction because they are strong and they will win the Battle of the Block. So Devin’s nominees will stay on the block. Amber comes in and tells them she didn’t really want to be Head of Household, she just wanted her photos and letter. She says Devin got first draw on who to pick and she didn’t have a lot of options left. She wanted to choose strong people who could win the BoB and save themselves.

Big Brother is now making announcements in the house that are likely clues for an upcoming competition. Here are the clues:

  • Pary Foul
  • He’s streaking the Quad
  • I just want to dance all night long
  • Aww I broke a heel
  • Pantie raid (repeated 8? times)
  • Someone call the cops
  • Take it off (repeated 6? times)
  • We hate freshmen (repeated 3 times)
  • The Big Brother song is played.

3:15 AM – Devin tells Derrick and Caleb that if Brittany wins PoV, he will put up Victoria instead.

4:40 AM – Jocasta and Devin talk about Joey confessing to the all girls alliance last week. Jocasta says Joey was supposed to come out and campaign as her ‘gay brother’ but that didn’t turn out right. Down in the Hive room, Amber tells Derrick she feels bad about Hayden and Nicole. She’s trying to stay awake so she can help them to remember the clues for the competition.

Over in the kitchen, Zach tells Paola to go to bed and she tells him to shut up. He threatens to tickle her and then kisses her head. Meanwhile, Frankie is pretending to be drunk and admiring Zach’s body and rear end out loud. “You have such a good body, I love your body. I want to see all of it!” Zach says “come to daddy girl!”

5:00 AM – Live Feeds switch off for the Battle of the Block Competition.

6:30 AM – The Live Feeds return and the Battle of the Block is over. Hayden and Nicole have won, which means Amber has been dethroned as a Head of Household. Brittany and Paola are now the remaining eviction nominees, at least until the Power of Veto Ceremony.

Paola is ranting to Devin and Jocasta about how much she hates Victoria and that she is rude. Devin says this is not a good time for this. Paola says she cannot be nice to Victoria any more.

Shortly after, Paola is talking to Christine and Brittany. Brittany knows she has to win the Power of Veto or someone else willing to save her has to win it. Brittany starts bitching about Victoria too and how rude she is. Paola wonders if she will make herself a target if she says something. Christine says no and Paola is ready to head off and confront Victoria. Jocasta grabs her and tells her not to do that.

Up in the HoH room, Devin tells Caleb and Frankie that if Brittany wins the Veto, he will put up Victoria as the replacement nominee and she will be evicted. He would rather have her still here next week though to keep the heat off The Bomb Squad. Now the three of them talk about how rude and entitled Victoria is. Apparently Victoria is now the villain of the day.

7:00 AM – Zach, Cody, Derrick, and Christine talk game in the Hive Room. Zach wants to know why the f**k anyone would want to keep Paola over Brittany. He says it’s just Devin who wants Brittany out so much. Zach says whichever one doesn’t go home needs to be reeled in to work with them. Maybe they should work to vote out Paola and reel in Brittany. Hayden comes in and talks about Devin apologizing for saying the other night that he forced Caleb to put up Donny for eviction. But now it seems like he forced Amber into her nominations. Derrick and Cody both think Paola needs to go.

7:40 AM – Paola sees Derrick and Cody come out of the Hive room and says they are “sketchy!” Cody hugs Brittany and she says this sucks being on the block. Hayden is happy to be safe. Hayden and Derrick go off to bed.

Paola says if she wins Power of Veto, she will use it to take Brittany off the block. Brittany says no, she could not let her do that. (Yeah, that would likely be a self-eviction, Pao-Pao.)

7:45 AM – Brittany talks to Derrick and Cody. They tell her they don’t want her to be evicteed but it comes down to who has the balls to go against Devin. They wish they could get him out but now they are stuck with him. Hayden comes in and he just kind of hangs around and picks out clothes. Caleb comes in and the conversation shuts down and shifts.

8:30 AM – Cody talks to Hayden in the kitchen and says he doesn’t like what is going on in the house. Hayden agrees. Cody says Amber is sweet but she just got bulldozed and showed her weakness. They talk about something in the Battle of the Block Competition about Hayden throwing “beer googles” to Brittany and how it messed her up.

8:45 AM – Cody says if he won HoH he would put up Paola until she went home and put up Jocasta with her. They have no idea what Jocasta is doing in the house. They laugh about her not having any game at all.

9:00 AM – Hayden and Cody go into the Have-Not room and Hayden shows off the cheat sheet for the competition clues that he and Nicole made out of rice. Technically, that is actually cheating because Houseguests are forbidden to write things down. The Live Feeds go off briefly and when they come back, Hayden is getting rid of the cheat sheet and tells Cody they are not allowed to do it. Cody says that’s weird considering they were doing it all night and no one said anything.

9:15 AM – Donny joins Hayden and Cody in the kitchen. Hayden asks Donny if he remembers all the clue messages from overnight. Apparently they were not for the Battle of the Block Competition, so they will probably be for the Veto Comp. Donny doesn’t remember them. Hayden repeats them to him.

Cody says he is disgusted by how some people are treating others in the house. They don’t like what is happening to Brittany. Donny soft proposes an alliance with them with maybe side alliances for each. There is interest but nothing firm comes out of it. We love that Donny is playing the game! Cody says he’s going to lay low this week until after the Veto Competition and see what shakes out. They all promise not to share their game talk.

The kitchen is disgusting with dishes piled all over the sink. Everyone is now asleep or laying down except for Donny, who makes a sandwich and sits on the couch.

10:35 AM – Donny finally gives up and goes to bed. All Houseguests now attempting to sleep.

1:15 PM – Houseguests get a wake up call to drag their sorry butts out of bed. Zach and Donny wander outside and talk game a bit. Donny says they are going to do something about the bullying in the house but not until after the Veto Competition.

1:45 PM – Caleb is actually crying because it is July 4. He is thinking about veterans who have died and his own time in the military. Devin tells him to just let it out and don’t feel bad about it. Devin thanks him for everything he has done for the country and he should never feel bad about his emotions. Frankie comes in and asks Caleb if he wants to talk. Caleb says there is nothing really to talk about. But then he talks about hearing the national anthem play outside and he started bawling. He says he doesn’t want anyone else to come up to the HoH room except The Bomb Squad right now.

2:10 PM – Brittany asks Paola who she thinks Devin might backdoor. They agree it would probably be Victoria. Caleb continues crying upstairs. He tells Frankie he wants everyone to know that he is former military so no one says anything stupid. Frankie says he is honored to be Caleb’s friend and proud of everything Caleb has done for the country. Caleb says he wants everyone to know why he’s so tough and talks about getting in trouble in bars because people talk bad about the military. He says his dag was shot four times and his brother just got back from Afghanistan. Caleb wants Frankie to make an announcement to everyone. He doesn’t really want to do it, but Caleb pushes him into it.

2:25 PM – Frankie gathers everyone together that is awake and awkwardly announces that Caleb is ex-military and that is why the 4th of July is so hard on him. He asks everyone to just be nice and careful of what they say around him today. Then he tells everyone he has white and blue glitter to celebrate! So very Frankie.

3:10 PM – Devin tells Nicole he had a deal with Paola to throw the Battle of the Block Competition in exchange for him using the Power of Veto on her if he wins it. Outside, Caleb, Frankie, and Christine talk about Big Brother 15 alumni Amanda Zuckerman and how her relationship with McCrae tanked her game.

3:30 PM – The Houseguests are put on indoor lockdown. Caleb talks about his dad getting shot again and says everything is paid for because of it. College is paid for, medical, everything. He says his dad sits at home making four grand a month now because he got a purple heart. But he says it is hard for medical with the VA because the wait lists are so long.

Devin, who has been in rehab and confessed to a DUI previously, says he does not like liquor. Caleb says he can drink 30 bud lites and it doesn’t do anything. Frankie says he drinks to get drunk and he’s not going to do that now because he’s stopped.

3:35 PM – Brittany seems disappointed that no one seems interested in showmances this year.

3:50 PM – Devin tells Amber if Brittany wins PoV he will put up Victoria. If he wins PoV he will take down Paola and put up Victoria. But he wants Brittany evicted. Amber wants Paola to be safe. Amber has some very patriotic flag booty shorts.

4:20 PM – Caleb talks to Derrick about being in the military and having a hard day because of that. He talks about crying to the national anthem. He says Amber hugged him, kissed him on the cheek, and thanked him for his service and he hugged her back but should have kissed her. Really Caleb? So obsessed and clueless.

4:40 PM – Victoria and Frankie talk about Devin being mean to Brittany and how he wouldn’t like it if someone treated his daughter that way. Frankie says they don’t have any power right now but he thinks it will all come around.

5:30 PM – Brittany is pissed off that Devin was going around saying she is not a good person because she turned her back on Joey and didn’t vote against Paola at the eviction. Amber tells her Devin takes things way too personal and it is not fair.

6:20 PM – Devin apologizes again to Donny for being paranoid that he was lying to him.

6:30 PM – Apparently Caleb really likes the Bible in the house. He and Cody were reading it earlier.

7:05 PM – Devin tells Derrick that Paola threw the Battle of the Block Competition and he has promised to use the Power of Veto on her if he wins it.

7:20 PM – Zach wants Devin to put Victoria up on the block if someone wins the Power of Veto and takes one of the nominees down. Zach REALLY hates Victoria. Meanwhile, Derrick and Frankie talk about Devin and how they think he has side deals with Hayden, Donny, and Paola. Frankie is pissed because they are going to have to nominate those people for eviction soon and Devin can’t keep making deals with everyone. Derrick thinks Paola is going to blow things up. Frankie says everyone thinks Devin is pulling all the strings in the house.

7:25 PM – Zach tells Devin he will volunteer to be a Have-Not if needed.

7:40 PM – Zach and Donny talk about the eviction. Donny would like to keep Brittany but Zach thinks it is too early to go against the house majority in the vote.

8:05 PM – Paola tells Donny that if she won HoH, she would put Devin up on the block. Paola thinks Amber is working with Devin because otherwise her nominees don’t make any sense. Paola says she only trusts Donny and Jocasta.

8:55 PM – After a short break, the Live Feeds come back up and the Houseguests have been given a cake and liquor to celebrate Independence Day.

9:20 PM – Houseguests watch fireworks on TV.

9:45 PM – Brittany and Paola talk about the Power of Veto Competition. Paola says she could win if it was mental and Brittany could win if it is physical. Brittany says Amber would have put up Brittany and Cody if she’d had more time to think so they would win Battle of the Block and backdoor Devin. But Devin got to pick his nominees first and it didn’t work out. Brittany is annoyed again that people think she was besties with Joey and then betrayed her at the vote by not voting to keep her.

10:10 PM – Cody is mad at Caleb for taking one of his shirts and them messing it up. Apparently it is his only nice shirt and it was stained, not folded, or something. He tells Derrick and Christine that Caleb shouldn’t be preaching about respect and then he takes his sh*t and messes it up. He says Caleb didn’t even ask before he took it. He says he hates people who preach and don’t act and he wants to f**king punch him in the mouth.

Christine leaves and Derrick tells Cody in confidence that Hayden lied to him about not knowing Paola threw the Battle of the Block Competition. He says Cody needs to be careful. He thinks they should ride The Bomb Squad as long as they can and then it will be their side against Devin and Amber. Derrick says if he wins HoH he is going to put up Paola and Nicole. Cody wants to get in good with Hayden because he’s a strong competitor.

10:15 PM – The Houseguests are let out in the backyard again.

10:20 PM – Cody doesn’t want Brittany to be evicted. Derrick doesn’t either but says she has to go sometime.

11:00 PM – Caleb shows Frankie and Jocasta some self defense moves and says he is a level three instructor in Brazilian Jui Jitsui.

11:30 PM – Amber and Christine tell Caleb that the target on him probably would be smaller if he wasn’t so close to Devin.

11:55 PM – Victoria is upset over Jocasta and Nicole teasing her about being a princess, and being rude, and never saying please. Victoria cries. She says she is not demanding and says something about in Hebrew you don’t translate everything and so it sounds demanding. She says she only speaks Hebrew at home. Jocasta and Nicole are backtracking on the teasing even though they have previously discussed with each other how much they hate how rude Victoria is. Victoria says she is not mean.

That’s a wrap! More coming soon in our next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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