Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 4 Block Nominations (07/29/22)

Going into this week’s Big Brother 24 Nomination Ceremony, The Leftovers knew that they had to navigate this week in a way that kept them all safe. The no blood on their hands’ dream was out the minute they took out Ameerah Jones. It was all about protecting their alliance and not completely backing themselves in a corner.

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Head of Household Monte Taylor found himself in a good position to protect himself and his allies, but he had to navigate this week carefully to not completely alienate the other side and make himself the biggest target going into next week.  This would be a nearly impossible task.

Nicole Layog, Alyssa Snider, and others had already begun looking at Monte as someone who had betrayed them in this game. It would be hard for him to shake that narrative. This week, he would probably become an even biggest target by taking a shot at Alyssa and Indy Santos.

On Thursday night, The Leftovers, mainly with Kyle Capener leading the charge, decided that nominating Indy and Alyssa was the safest option for their alliance. It also helped build trust within it, and it kept everyone in their alliance off the block.

If Alyssa and Indy came off the block, then they would consider nominating Kyle and Daniel Durston or Taylor Hale and Nicole.

So did Monte stick to the plan to nominate Indy and Alyssa? Read below to find out!



Monte nominated Alyssa and Indy for eviction. 

This should be an interesting week because we haven’t seen Alyssa and Indy have to fight for their game lives yet. This could wake a fire in them. It’ll also be interesting to see how this affects Kyle and Alyssa’s game relationship.

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