Big Brother 24 Power of Veto Week 4 Competition Results (7/30/22)

This may be the first week in Big Brother 24 that Michael Bruner playing in the Power of Veto Competition. This also could be the first week that he doesn’t win it as well. Taylor Hale may also be exempted from this week’s Power of Veto Competition, but both could end up in Veto depending on the Veto draw.

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Because Head of Household Monte Taylor wants to do what’s best for The Leftovers, it’s in Monte’s best interest if Michael and Brittany Hoopes play in this week’s Veto Competition. If not them, he needs three players from The Leftovers or three players who would help the Leftovers in the Veto Competition.

On Thursday’s Big Brother 24 episode, Terrance Higgins joined Joseph Adbin and Monte’s Festie Bestie group. This automatically meant that Joseph, Terrance, Joseph, and potentially three other players could play in the Veto competition. Last week’s Power of Veto Competition involved pairs, so this week’s competition should have the same. However, with Terrance being added to the Joseph and Monte group, we weren’t sure if they’ll be a pick for one set of pairs or just one individual players, or one pair. The pair option would make it seven Veto players, which isn’t common.

Today, we found out after the players were picked for this week’s Veto Competition. The players are Joseph, Terrance, Monte, nominees Alyssa Snider and Indy Santos, and picked pair Kyle Capener, and Daniel Durston.

This is an interesting draw because the current plan is to backdoor Nicole Layog. Nicole senses this and Daniel believes this too, so it will be interesting if Kyle and him win it. Kyle will likely want to use it but Daniel may not because of Nicole. However, Kyle could try to convince him that Taylor Hale would be evicted before Nicole.

So who won this week’s Big Brother 24 Power of Veto Competition? Read below to find out!



Kyle and Daniel won the Veto!

This likely means that the Veto will be used, unless Daniel really objects. Taylor and Nicole will go up on the block. Nicole is the current target.

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