Big Brother 18 Recap: Will A Veto Victory Change Everything? 8/10/2016

Double eviction week continues tonight on Big Brother 18 with the Power of Veto (POV) competition. Paulie Calafiore has had complete control over the house for the past few weeks without much effort or challenge from the houseguests (HG).

Big Brother 18 Paulie Calafiore (Source CBS)
Big Brother 18 Paulie Calafiore (Source CBS)

Michelle Meyer and Zakiyah Everette were nominated to the Block by the current Head of Household (HOH) Victor Arroyo because Paulie told him that was who he should nominate. Both Zakiyah’s and Michelle’s games hang in the balance tonight. Will either Michelle or Zakiyah be able to win the POV and save themselves from the eviction ceremony tomorrow evening?

A veto victory by the right (HG) could flip the script on Paulie and even give the girls in house a fighting chance this season.  Also, if either Block nominees won the POV this evening, then Victor would have to name a replacement nominee to the Block. That could give any opposition to Paulie a chance to evict someone else other than he choosen targets.

Paulie has been adamant about evicting Michelle this week as opposed to Zakiyah. Paulie knows that Zakiyah has his back completely and isn’t quite ready to see her go. However, both Paul and Victor have voiced their opinion on their choice for eviction this week, and that choice is Zakiyah, not Michelle. This difference in opinion could have substantial consequences to the two alliances these three boys are members of in the house.

In addition to the POV winner shaking things up in the Big Brother house, James may hold the same power with his gift from America’s Care Package (ACP) this week.  As the winner, James was granted the power to deny two HGs from voting in the eviction tomorrow evening. James could strike a deal with certain HGs to flip the vote from Michelle to Zakiyah.  Most importantly, this would make a powerful statement to Paulie that he does not have the control and power in the house that he thinks he has. Someone needs to make a power move before Paulie runs away with the prize and all of the HGs dignity.

Here we go for tonight’s episode recap…

As the nomination ceremony winds down, Big Meech (Michelle) really loses it as the severity of her situation hits home. Other HGs try and console her and quiet her sobbing while the other nominated HG, Zakiyah, calmly tells everyone that she is just fine. Meech continues to wonder what she has done wrong and why she has been nominated for eviction by a player that was already evicted when she is supposedly a Big Brother super fan. Meanwhile, the Executive alliance enjoys a celebration dance in the next room and finally can let out their held back laughter over Victor’s bead throwing at the ceremony.

Paul and Victor get together to talk about which nominee they should vote to be evicted. They both agree that Zakiyah should be voted out based on her lack luster reaction to being nominated to the Block and how she lasts so much longer in competitions than Meech. At the same time, Paulie ensures Zakiyah that she is safe this week especially after Meech’s colossal emotional breakdown after the nominations were announced.

Paulie and Paul, also known as a P.P., completely disagree about which HG should be evicted this week. Paulie tries to convince Paul to agree with him based on Meech’s emotional status, but Paul says he is going to stick to his guns this week and wants Zakiyah gone. There finally may be trouble in the ‘friendship’ bromance paradise.

Paulie is a smart player and realizes James plays a critical role in this week’s eviction and approaches James for a one-on-one to see where James wants to use his ACP powers this week. Paulie explains to James that Meech would definitely come after James whereas Zakiyah would never do that. He also tells James how Meech staying would benefit Paul and Victor’s games and not theirs. James is very aware that he must be careful this week and make his decision carefully as to not piss off other HGs and blow up his own game.

Now it’s time to pick the players for the Veto competition. The current HOH, Victor, and the two nominated HGs, Zakiyah and Meech will play for the golden POV with three randomly selected HGs. The selections are as follows:

Victor draws Nicole
Meech draws James
Zakiyah draws HG choice and picks Paulie

James is ecstatic he has finally been choosen to play in the POV comp. The HGs make their way to the back yard for the Hide and Go Veto Pool Party. Last year in Big Brother 17, James won this same competition and was able to remove himself from the Block. James says that he wants to be promoted from Captain Camo to the General by destroying the house during this competition. He is not concerned about pissing off the HGs by doing so either.

The HGs participating in the competition are separated into their own private cabanas by the pool and will enter the house one at a time. Each HG will have three minutes to go and hide their own POV card anywhere in the Big Brother  house. Once everyone’s cards have been hidden, the HGs will take turns going in the house and searching for the other HGs POV cards. Once five cards are found, the game will end. Each POV card will be opened, and the HGs card that is still hidden in the house wins the golden POV.

Meech is the first HG entering and hides her card in her Dizzy Dog costume after putting it inside of a pillow case. Victor hides his card inside of Bridgette’s Big Brother duffle bag. Nicole hides her card inside the carnival type popcorn machine. Zakiyah hides her card in the Africa room next to the coffee table. James hides his card inside a blanket comforter and then puts a mattress on top of it. Finally, Paulie hides his card inside the helicopter table in the kitchen. Now that all the cards are hidden in the Big Brother house, the HGs can take turns searching the house for their opponents cards.

Once James enters the house, he looks like the Tasmanian Devil as he is going absolutely crazy destroying the house. He goes to the fridge and chucks raw eggs over his shoulders as he searches for the cards. Most HGs state that their strategy is to go room by room to find the POV cards. James seems hell bent on destruction and nothing else. Nicole is the first HG to find a POV card. She finds Victor’s card inside Bridgette’s duffle bag. After more searching, Nicole emerges again, but this time with Zakiyah’s card found in the Africa room.

Big Brother 18 Cast (Source CBS)
Big Brother 18 Cast (Source CBS)

Over an hour has elapsed in the search when James finds Meech’s card hidden in the Dizzy Dog costume. At the two and a half hour mark, Victor finds James’ card in the comforter. After and astounding 4 hours and 47 minutes, Victor emerges with Nicole’s card that was hidden inside the old fashioned popcorn machine. Once all the POV cards are opened, it is revealed that Paulie has won the golden POV again since his card was the only one left inside the house.

All of the HGs, even the ones that did not participate in the competition, enter the house to find the wrath that was unleashed on the house. Most of the HGs know that James was the culprit and are not very happy with him acting like a child and destroying the house. Paulie shows the HGs where his veto card was hidden, and he definitely deserved to win. Once he removed the large clear plastic top of the helicopter table, he climbed inside the round chamber in the middle of the table to retrieve his veto card. Major congrats should go to Paulie for his hiding place as he did deserve to win the POV competition.

Paul and Paulie, or P.P., talk and still cannot agree on how to evict this week. Paulie says he feels as though he is caught in the middle because Paul and Victor want Zakiyah evicted and James, Corey, and Nicole want Meech evicted. Again, there talk ends without an agreement.

Paulie eludes to Zakiyah that she may have to stay on the Block this week just as a strategic move on his part.  He assures her that if there was any danger in her going home this week, he would use the POV on her and save the ‘Queen’. He tells Zakiyah that he spoke with James and he will use the ACP to ensure Meech is evicted this week. Zakiyah feels helpless and doesn’t know if she should trust Paulie or not.

Paulie approaches James again because he knows that James has the ability to make sure Zakiyah is safe this week with the ACP. He tells James again that Meech is the HG that needs to be evicted this week. James says if he blocks Paul’s vote for eviction, then Meech will definitely be the HG going home this week. Paulie brags to James that if Zakiyah is safe this week, then she will be his little puppy dog.

At the onset of the veto meeting both HGs got the opportunity to present their case on why the POV should be used on them. Meech goes first and tells the group that it doesn’t matter what she says because Paulie is not going to use the POV. Zakiyah takes a nicer approach, congratulates Paulie on his victory and says she will respect his decision. After they are done with their final plea, Paulie announces to the HGs that he has decided NOT to use the POV this week.
In the Diary Room after the ceremony, Meech is the first HG to finally point out that Paulie is running the Big Brother house. She can’t believe how stupid and oblivious the house is towards Paulie. She feels as though he is a major threat in the game because he manipulates people, wins competitions, and has a great social game. She vows that if she makes it through this week, she will be the HG to send Paulie packing.

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