Top 5 Moments From Big Brother 23 Episode 7

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 23 was jam-packed with lots of action and included the Big Brother 23 week two Live Eviction as well as the week three Head of Household competition. Brandon “Frenchie” French and Britini D’Angelo were on the block for eviction under the reign of HOH Kyland Young.

Big Brother 23 Xavier HOH

After the live eviction vote, the Big Brother 23 houseguests competed for the next HOH title that included a visit from a former Celebrity Big Brother houseguest. Find out who was evicted tonight, which former celebrity houseguest made an appearance, and who won the week three HOH competition in our Top 5 Big Brother 23 Moments recap.

#5 Frenchie Makes Last Push To Stay

After Frenchie lost the Power of Veto competition and the winner, and Derek Xiao did not use the power to save either nominee, Frenchie knew he was the game was left in his own hands. Frenchie went on a campaign visiting the Big Brother 23 houseguests making his case to stay over fellow nominee Britini D’Angelo. Ironically, he promised them all loyalty and safety moving forward which is exactly what made him the prime target for eviction this week.

Big Brother 23 Frenchie and Brent Talk

#4 Kyland Plans Ahead

While Frenchie was concerned about the present, HOH Kyland was working hard to secure his safety in the Big Brother 23 house moving into the future. After meeting with the Aces and Kings, Kyland felt fairly secure with both teams. He and the Kings even threw out a couple of possible targets for weeks three: Whitney Williams and Brent Champagne.

Big Brother 23 Kings Meet wWith Kyland

#3 Frenchie Says Goodbye

Frenchie was evicted from the Big Brother 23 house by a vote of 11-1, with one vote in his favor thanks to some sympathy from fellow Joker teammate Derek Frazier. Frenchie treated his fellow houseguests with respect and left the Big Brother 23 house with his head held high. Host Julie Chen Moonves even complemented Frenchie on his gracious exit from the house.

Big Brother 23 Julie Chen Moonves and Frenchie

#2 Tom Green Makes A Surprise Visit

Former Celebrity Big Brother 2 houseguest Tom Green made an appearance in the video questions that were a part of the week three HOH competition. Tom had a pretty good run in the Big Brother house with two HOH and POV wins. In the end, he finished in 6th place after surviving two previous nominations to the block.

Celebrity Big Brother Tom Green

#1 Xavier Pranther Won HOH in Week 3

After just five rounds into the Tom Talks BB HOH competition, Xavier blew away the competition in this memory-focused test of the Big Brother 23 houseguests. Not only did Xavier win safety for the week, but his King’s teammates are also safe from eviction. He now has the difficult job of selecting two houseguests to nominate to the block for eviction this week.

Big Brother 23 HOH Tom Talks BB

Hope you enjoyed our recap of the top 5 moments from Thursday, July 22nd’s Big Brother 23 live eviction episode. Join us again on Sunday, July 25 at 8/7c for another recap and top 5 Big Brother 23 moments.

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