Big Brother 23 Episode 5 Recap: Kyland Makes Nominations

The last time we met, Travis Long and Alyssa Lopez were on the block under Brandon “Frenchie” French’s Head of Household (HOH) in the Big Brother 23 house. In the end, Travis was evicted by a vote of 11-2 with only Tiffany Mitchell and Derek Frazier voting for Alyssa. Most of the houseguests were relieved that Frenchie’s House of Horrors was finally over.

Big Brother 23 Julie Chen Moonves Announcing Wildcard Competition

Kyland Young won the Pool Sharks HOH competition, and he will be running the Big Brother 23 house this week. Tonight, the teams will pick one houseguest to compete in the Wildcard Competition where the winner will have a difficult decision to make. Kyland will pick two houseguests to nominate to block for eviction this week. If you can’t wait to see who was nominated to the block, you can check out our Big Brother spoilers.

Week One Rogue Eviction Votes

Already we have deceit and debauchery in the Big Brother 23 house. As discussed prior to the live vote, Travis was to be evicted with a unanimous vote of 13-0; however, the final vote count was 11-2 meaning there were 2 votes cast for Alyssa. We know that Tiffany and Derek F. cast the 2 rogue votes in the house and here’s why.

Previously, Frenchie asked Tiffany to vote for Alyssa in an attempt to put a bigger target on Derek Xiao’s back than himself. Tiffany agreed to do this favor, but she had plans in her mind to help her game. She admitted to the diary room of her ulterior motive of casting the rogue vote.

Tiffany made Frenchie promise he would never mention this to anyone, and she knows it won’t be long before he breaks that promise. When he does blab his big mouth, Tiffany plans to use that information to throw Frenchie under the bus. Way to think ahead Tiffany!

Derek F. on the other hand, cast the other rogue vote just to have some fun in the Big Brother 23 house. He knew that Alyssa was safe and was in no danger of going home, so he decided to vote for her to stir things up inside the house. With this action, it seems as if we have a prankster in the house this season or a troublemaker, your call.

Travis Long and Kyland Young Talking Big Brother 23 game.

Travis made sure to pull Kyland aside before he left the Big Brother 23 house and tell him that Frenchie can’t be trusted. After Frenchie started bragging he knew who cast the 2 rogue votes, but wouldn’t share that info with anyone, Tiffany approached Kyland and told him not to trust Frenchie either. Frenchie’s HOH week full of broken promises is already catching up with him.

Frenchie Shows His True Colors

After a conversation with HOH Kyland, Frenchie losses his mind and starts acting erratically in the Big Brother 23 house. He starts by calling out Whitney Williams and tells her and the house he is no longer speaking or dealing with her. As this unfolds, most of the houseguests talk among themselves and agree Frenchie is nothing but a loose canon.

Frenchie approached Brent Champagne and eluded to the fact he wanted him to throw the Wildcard Competition. Frenchie told Brent he did not have the numbers to stay in the Big Brother 23 house this week. Brent tried to convince him otherwise.

Week Two Wildcard Competition

This week, the Aces, Kings, and Jokers will compete in the Big Brother 23 Wildcard Competition. The Queens are all safe as Kyland is on that team and won HOH this week. The Jokers are sending Frenchie to play, the Kings are sending Sarah Beth Steagall, and the Aces left it up to fate where Brent will represent.

Sarah Beth Steagall plays Wildcard Competition

This Wildcard Competition is called BB Flying Colors. Each player must be the first to correctly answer a question pertaining to artwork to earn a point. The player who reaches 3 points first wins the Big Brother 23 Wildcard Competition. After the first 3 rounds, each player has one point, the game is tied. However, Sarah Beth answered the next 2 answers correctly and won the Wildcard Competition.

To earn safety this week, Sarah Beth has to trade places with someone on Kyland’s team. Sarah Beth would become a permanent member of the Queens guaranteeing her safety for the week. Whoever she chooses to swap places with will become a member of the King’s, and they will no longer be safe for the week. If she chooses to not make this trade, she will be available for nomination to the block for eviction this week in the Big Brother 23 house. She chose to stay on her original team.

Week Two Block Nominations

Kyland begins his information gathering to make his decision as to who to nominate to the block for eviction this week. Tiffany leans heavily on nominating Frenchie when speaking to Kyland, and then most of the house tells Kyland the same information. Everyone wants to see Frenchie gone after all of the chaos he created last week as HOH in the Big Brother 23 house.

At the Block Nomination ceremony, Kyland chose to nominate Frenchie and Britini D’Angelo. Frenchie was nominated because he previously put Kyland on the block. Britini is Frenchie’s teammate and is very loyal to her team.

Join us again on Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c for the Power of Veto competition results and much more drama inside the Big Brother 23 house. If you can’t wait until Wednesday, check out the POV competition results in our Big Brother spoilers section.

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