Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 6 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (08/16/21)

We’re in for another messy Big Brother 23 week as Kyland Young plans to make a big move against…The Jokers. At the beginning of the week, Kyland set his target on Claire Rehfuss but Britini D’Angelo was always an option. She became even more of an option when the houseguests figured out that Britini received $100 from America. This made members of The Cookout worry that Britini could be a threat to them later down the line.

Derek Xiao Power of Veto Ceremony

This set a plan in motion to remove Claire from the block and put Britini up as her replacement nominee. This means that on Thursday, two Jokers will be sitting on the block. This week was made more complicated when the High Roller’s Room added another Veto into the game. So during today’s Power of Veto Ceremony, there is a possibility that both Vetoes could be used.

However, that’s highly unlikely. Alyssa Lopez won the Power of Veto Competition and Kyland received the second Veto because he bet on Alyssa winning it (via the High Roller’s challenge). The plan going into today’s ceremony is for Alyssa to not use her Veto. Kyland will use his to save Claire, and he will name Britini as a replacement nominee.

S‌o what happened at today’s Big Brother 23 Power of Veto Ceremony? Read below to find out!



Alyssa did not use her Veto.

Kyland used his Veto to save Claire. Britini was named as the replacement nominee.

No matter what, a Joker will go home this week. If the Cookout stays true to each other, then Derek Fraise should be safe, but things could change.

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