Big Brother 23 Episode 18 Recap: OTEV Returns With POV

For the second time this season, Kyland Young has won Head of Household proving he is quite the competitor. During this sixth week inside the Big Brother 23 house, Kyland nominated Claire Rehfuss and Derek Frazier to the block for eviction this week. Derek is an ally and volunteered as a pawn while Claire was his true target.

Big Brother 23 OTEV

The newest twist in the Big Brother 23 house granted Big D, Sarah Beth Steagall, Claire Rehfuss, and Kyland the opportunity to play in the Veto Derby. Each won a chance to place a big bet for power. Tonight, we will find out the winning bet as well as the winner of the Power of Veto as OTEV visits the Big Brother house.

Week Six Veto Derby

Kyland, SB, Big D, and Claire will place bets in the Veto Derby. Tiffany Mitchell was disqualified for not scoring any points even though she did participate. After players are picked for the Veto competition, the houseguests will be able to place their bets.

Big D and Kyland spoke in the HOH room about who to target this week. He made it clear that he’s not targeting anyone in the Cookout alliance as they are his allies. He’s also not targeting SB or Derek Xiao because he is also working with both of them. Claire was looking to target the Cookout alliance so Kyland is looking to target her. Alyssa Lopez and Britini D’Angelo are still potential targets. Kyland is not working with either of them in the Big Brother 23 house.

Big Brother 23 Alliance

Big D is trying his best to convince Azah Asasum and Britini that he is the target this week. Azah is a bit confused because she expected Britini to be on the block and for her to be sitting next to Britini. She may be on to Big D’s bluff in the Big Brother 23 house.

Tiffany bent Kyland’s ear to convince him that Claire is not a threat. She did a good job on him because now he wants to target either Alyssa or Britini. Tiffany is very convincing and manipulative apparently.

Week Six Power of Veto Competition

Playing in this week’s Big Brother POV are Kyland, Big D, Claire, Alyssa, Azah, and Britini. Now that the players are named for the POV, the bets can be placed for the Veto Derby. There was one clue to help the houseguests place their bets, and that clue was Veto backward. This obviously means it’s time for OTEV.

Kyland placed his bet first for Alyssa, Big D was next for Britini, Claire placed her bet on Kyland, and finally, SB bet on Azah. All bets are final and locked.

OTEV is back in the Big Brother 23 house. This game is somewhat similar to musical chairs with a Big Brother twist. OTEV will ask the houseguests questions pertaining to the current season. They must search through the slime to find the jelly jar with the correct answer.

Once found, the Big Brother houseguest must quickly return to OTEV with the answer. The last person to arrive is eliminated or the person with the wrong answer. This game isn’t just about getting the right answer but getting the right answer fast. Good luck houseguests. There is a lot riding on this competition with two vetos at stake.

Big Brother 23 OTEV

The first Big Brother houseguest eliminated is Big D. The next eliminated is Azah but she intentionally threw it for Britini. The third to be eliminated is Britini. Fourth to go is Claire and finally, Kyland is eliminated. Alyssa won the POV. Kyland threw the competition to Alyssa because Kyland wants to take Claire off the block to earn more trust. He had bet on Alyssa to win.

Post Veto Blowout

After the POV competition is over, Kyland told Big D that Britini is now his target to be evicted this week. Big D was on the Jokers team with Britini and is allies with her. Big D did his best to convince him that Britini is not the best choice for his game. He worked the Derek X angle, but Kyland didn’t seem to want to change his mind from Britini.

Right before the Veto meeting, Kyland asked SB to tell Britini that she will be the replacement nominee. As soon as SB told her this info, she bolted to find Kyland to confront him about this information. Once she found Kyland, she asked why she was going on the block. Kyland explained that she is an unpredictable variable and that’s why she is going on the block.

Big Brother 23 Britini

Through tears, Britini reminded him that they had a deal for her to be safe this week from going on the block initially and as a renomination. Clearly, Kyland is breaking his promise and going back on his word.

Tune in tomorrow night, Thursday, August 19 at 8/7c to see who Kyland nominates and if the two vetos shake up the game in unexpected ways.

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