Why Are the Big Brother Live Feeds Down? 9/11/2015

Wondering why are the Big Brother Live Feeds down on Friday? Well, CBS Big Brother has put the Live Feeds on highlights for the day due to a shortened schedule for the week.

Big Brother 17 host Julie Chen (CBS)

There will be no Thursday night show because of football, so the next two episodes will be on Tuesday and Wednesday. This means the Houseguests have to get through both Eviction Nominations and the Power of Veto Competition on Friday.

Production has to cram more stuff than usual into Friday’s tasks for the Houseguests, including rehearsal time and lockdowns, so they’ve just decided to black out the Big Brother Live Feeds for the whole day. Fans won’t be able to peek in at the Houseguests from 9:45 AM BBT to 11:30 PM BBT. Anyone trying to tune in will be forced to endure endless Jeff Schroeder hosted highlights.

After the Big Brother Live Feeds return late on Friday night, we’ll bring you all the Big Brother spoilers on who was nominated for eviction this week, and who won the Power of Veto Competition.

Due to the accelerated schedule, the Live Feeds will also be going down on Monday at some point to tape the ‘live’ eviction that will be aired on Tuesday night. The Feeds likely will not return until after Tuesday night’s show. Yes, this is the time that Live Feeds subscribers get angry at CBS every year for taking down the streams for long periods of time… like they always do every single year. Nothing new here.

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