Big Brother 25 Power of Veto Week 12 Ceremony Results (10/23/23)

Over the weekend, Felicia spent a lot of time pushing Cirie under the bus. It seems like it was more of a way to make sure Cirie would go out over her, instead of trying to make her the target this week. Despite Felicia revealing that Cirie might go after Matt and Jag in the double eviction, Jag doesn’t see Cirie as a game threat. 

He still sees Blue as more of a competition threat. Therefore, he still very much wants her evicted this week. He didn’t waver on keeping the nominations the same. Therefore, it’s highly unlike that Jag uses the Veto this week. This should be an interesting Big Brother 25 week because Cirie clearly wants to save Blue. However, It’s highly unlikely that Bowie or Matt will vote out America over Blue.

The best Cirie can hope for at this point is a tie. This would force Jag to get some blood on his hands by evicting Blue. Matt had a conversation with Cirie that was likely to get her to feel safer with him, but also make Cirie not fight so hard to keep Blue.


However, Cirie will likely continue to work to try to flip the vote tokeep Blue. She seems to see her more as an asset to her game than America, especially because Blue has performed better in competitions. 



Jag did not use the Veto. America and Blue remain on the block. This should be an interesting week to see if Jag’s target remains the same and if the house grants his wish and sends out Blue.

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