Big Brother 25 Episode 34 Recap: Will Blue Have The Blues?

With an unknown double eviction looming in the Big Brother 25 house this week, both Head of Household competition wins are paramount. Jag Bains was the secret HOH last week and won one of the two Power of Veto competitions along with Blue Kim (one of his block nominees).


Jag decided to make a big move in the Big Brother 25 house by nominating two new houseguests to the block in an epic double blindside after the POV. Jag put up Cory Wurtenburger and America Lopez, AKA “Camerica.” Everyone agreed Cory was the most significant threat and was evicted unanimously. He went to join Cameron Hardin in the jury house. Who will win this critical HOH? Remember, all houseguests can participate due to last week’s invisibility power.

Big Brother 25 Week Eleven Live Eviction Aftermath

America is still sobbing alone in the Big Brother 25 house. On the other hand, Cirie Fields is ecstatic because she finally got rid of the person responsible for the eviction of her son, Jared Fields, and her other ride-or-die Izzy Gleicher. She finally feels satisfied. Cirie and Felicia will step back, keep their noses clean, and watch the others fight with one another.

Big Brother 25 Week Twelve Head of Household Competition

Season 17 Johnny Mack has returned to the Big Brother 25 game for this week’s HOH competition. The players must correctly identify five skulls with the proper X-rays in Johnny Mack’s records. The first houseguest to correctly identify the teeth wins in this week’s HOH competition.

BB25 and 17

The players must correct all five skulls quickly to match Mack’s X-ray. If they press the buzzer and their answers are still working, they must continue until all the answers are correct.

BB25 Felicia Cannon

Jag won his fifth Big Brother 25 competition in a row. Jag is a man with a plan. That plan is to win $750,000 from his Big Brother peers.

Big Brother 25 Week Twelve Nomination Plans

Most houseguests favor evicting America, the other half of “Camerica, to go up on the block this week for eviction. Jag approached Blue to be the pawn on the block with America. Jag wants to target Blue without knowing she is his target this week. Let’s not forget that Jag wanted Blue to be the target last week and she saved herself with the golden POV.

America pitched Jag that she is not a good competitor and probably won’t win HOH. She said that if she were in Jag’s shoes, she would want to go after a more formidable competitor than her. If she did win, she promised not to nominate Jag or Matt to the block. She also promised not to blindside them with the veto. If he or Matt are on the block at the hands of someone else and she wins the POV, she will use it to take him off the block. Sounds like a pretty good deal.

Big Brother 25 Week Twelve Nomination Ceremony

Jag nominated America and Blue to the block for eviction at the nominations ceremony. Each of them thinks they are the pawn and the other is the target for eviction this week. Only time will tell if Jag will continue to target Blue. Stranger things have happened in the Big Brother 25 house.

Join us again on Tuesday, October 24th at 8 PM ESY for the next episode.


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