Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 54: Chicken Run

It was a typical Big Brother 21 Sunday, little action, more pool and chill time, especially with the week pretty much set for a battle between Cliff Hogg III and Kathryn Dunn. The three nominees knew to not even bother to campaign to Head of Household and Power of Veto holder Tommy Bracco because he was set on taking Christie Murphy off the block, leaving his nominees to battle it out. No one doubted that Tommy would use the Veto on Christie, so it all came down to who the Big Brother 21 houseguests would vote out.

Former Gr8ful members Nick Maccarone and Holly Allen were both working on getting the votes to save different members of Cliff’s Angels. Nick worked to get Nicole Anthony to join him with Analyse Talavera, Christie, and Tommy. Nicole wasn’t sure she should trust Nick’s word. She also knew that she would likely be on the bottom of that group and just got out when convenient for them, despite Nick’s promises.

Meanwhile, Holly worked on turning Analyse and Christie against Nick and Cliff. She made sure to talk about how Nick was trying to play both sides last week. He would talk badly about both sides to each side, and act like he was with them. Holly even pointed out that Nick was trying to take Jack Matthew‘s place, especially with his relationship with Tommy and Analyse. Holly also addressed that Cliff would be on Nick’s side if he stayed, essentially making Nick’s position in the house even stronger, because he would become a trio with Nicole and Cliff.

Kat did some of her own campaigning to Tommy and Analyse. Both told her that they weren’t sure about the votes or who they wanted out. Holly also told Kat that she wanted to vote with Christie, Tommy, and Analyse, so they would still think she’s on their side, but she needed to convince them that Kat staying was the best decision for their side. She also gave Kat some tips on how to campaign to them.

Analyse later tells Nick some of the things Holly said, and Christie and she mention keeping Cliff over Kat and how suspicious it is that Holly wants to keep her so much. Nicole also tells Cliff that she plans to vote to keep him.

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The game talk was few and far between, but there was plenty of chicken and eggs. Analyse had her first full day of her punishment for coming in second during the Big Brother 21 Field Trip. She had to go to her cage, “lay” eggs, then cook different egg dishes, and then hand them out to different houseguests while only clucking as response. Big Brother had no mercy, really making Analyse do this punishment a major chunk of the day. Some of the houseguests had a little fun with Analyse’s punishment, like practicing egg maneuvering with Analyse’s cage, like seen on yesterday’s BB Field Trip comp.

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