Who Was Evicted on Celebrity Big Brother Last Night? 2/23/18

Going into tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother double eviction, anyone could go home. For the first eviction, all eyes were on Brandi Glanville who had made one or two game enemies. And they just happen to hold all the power this Celebrity Big Brother week.

Celebrity Big Brother Double Eviction

For the last couple of days, Brandi has-rather tamely–been fighting to keep her place in the game. Unfortunately, her real-life friend, Ross Mathews, has decided to abandon her in the game. This makes it ultimately nearly impossible for Brandi to stay in the house.

We expect Brandi to leave tonight, and then eyes to shift to another player, probably James Maslow or Omarosa–and Ross as a distant third. Once the Head of Household and Veto play out, we’ll have a better idea of who is going to go home second tonight.

So which two Celebrity Big Brother players left two days shy of the finale? Read below to find out.



Celebrity Big Brother Brandi Glanville's Eviction

In the first Celebrity Big Brother double eviction hour, Brandi Glanville is evicted by 3 to 1. Ross and Omarosa both vote out Brandi. Ariadna Gutierrez, her ride or die, votes out Marissa. In James’ exit video to Brandi, he gloats about today being his best night because Brandi is leaving. Oh, the irony…

Later, Omarosa wins Head of Household and nominates Ross and Marissa. Then Ross wins Veto. Omarosa names James as the replacement nominee.

Celebrity Big Brother james maslow is evicted

James Maslow is then voted  by 2 to 1. His ride or die, Mark McGrath, is the only one to vote against Marissa. It should be an interesting press day for James and Brandi…

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