Celebrity Big Brother Recap: (2/23/18) Double Eviction Mayhem

With only seven celebrities inside the Celebrity Big Brother house, we should be in store for a fun double eviction episode with two celebrities going home. Ross Mathews and Marissa Jaret Winokur have a sticky situation on their hands with both having committed to two different final four alliances. Will their strategy to play both sides of the Celebrity Big Brother house send them home early?

Will Head of Household Mark McGrath send out his target, Brandi Glanville, or will the other side of the house win out and send Omarosa packing? Buckle up for one of the last recaps of Celebrity Big Brother featuring Double Eviction night.

Once Brandi and Ariadna Gutierrez were nominated to the block, they began to realize their alliance with Ross and Marissa wasn’t as sound as they once thought.  Brandi thinks Ross is making deals with everyone in the Big Brother house. To save their game and their double alliances, Ross and Marissa decided to lay low until they see how the Power of Veto competition played out.

After some late night wine, Brandi and James Maslow went toe-to-toe. Brandi called James cocky while James called Brandi rude.  Later when Brandi overheard James and Marissa talking about her, Brandi began to become unhinged. The general consensus in the house now is that there is no saving Brandi any longer because she can’t even save herself in Celebrity Big Brother.

The POV competition is called “B.B. Action Figures” and requires the houseguests to compete individually in a time based competition.  A mishap has occured at the Big Brother toy factory and four action figure’s faces don’t match their bodies.  The players must figure out which three houseguest’s faces have been combined on each action figure.

The buzzer starts the clock, and each competitor must select the three houseguests that they believe make up the action figure’s face, including the eyes, nose, and mouth, and they must repeat this process for all four different action figures.  The houseguest to accurately complete the challenge in the fastest time wins the golden POV.

Omarosa finished with the worse time, but she specifically planned to throw the comp to keep her out of the eviction mix.  Ari finished the quickest and won the POV competition. No doubt she will use the power to remove herself from the block. Now HOH Mark must choose a replacement nominee to go on the block for the first of the two live evictions.

Mark nominated Marissa to the block, which was a smart choice.  If he chose Omarosa, some houseguests may choose to evict her instead of the intended target, Brandi. Marissa has never been nominated, so Mark felt this was the only fair choice,

The first eviction of the night is set to begin.  By a vote of 3 to 1, Brandi was evicted from the Big Brother game.  During Brandi’s exit interview with Julie Chen, she did share how she was disappointed that Ross sided with Marissa over her in the end.  Brandi also agreed with Julie that her mouth was part of the reason she was evicted and has no plans to change at her age.

The new HOH competition is underway called “B.B. Auction” with each of the houseguests competing while sequestered in different rooms of the Big Brother house. Julie will ask true and false questions to the houseguests about the B.B. works of art that they had to study earlier in the day.  Each question answered correctly is worth one point, and the houseguest with the most points after 7 rounds wins HOH. Let’s begin.

After seven rounds, the game was tied at 6 points each between Omarosa and James. In the tie-breaker question, Omarosa answered the question closer than James and was crowned the next HOH in Celebrity Big Brother. Omarosa did not hold back her enthusiasm as she ran screaming through the house upon Julie’s announcement.  Omarosa nominated Ross and Marissa for eviction.

The POV competition is between all of the remaining 6 houseguest and is called “Art-Rageous.” There were 6 paintings placed in front of the memory wall; the replicated paintings were inside various rooms in the Big Brother house.  However, one of the paintings is not an exact replica. The houseguests must pick which painting is not the exact replica to win the golden POV.

Ross flew through the house and was the first houseguest to correctly pick which painting was not an exact replica. As expected, Ross used the POV on himself, and Omarosa nominated James for eviction. Marissa and James are now on the block together for second eviction of the evening.

Ari voted to evict James as retribution for Brandi, no doubt.  Mark voted to evict Marissa.  Ross had to chose sides tonight, and he voted to evict James. With a vote of 2 to 1, James was evicted from the Big Brother house.  Now there are only 5 houseguests left: Mark, Omarosa, Marissa, Ross, and Ari.

During his exit interview, James revealed that he was surprised Omarosa nominated him. He also commented that Brandi probably had a school-yard crush on him, and that’s why she treated him the way she did.  James also mentioned he was glad that he beat Brandi in the game of Celebrity Big Brother.

Julie revealed to the houseguests that they will compete in the next HOH as normal, which leaves a final four. A final HOH competition will include the final 4 houseguests. The winning houseguest will immediately evict 2 houseguests, therefore picking the person that he or she wishes to sit next to in the final two. All of the evicted houseguests will then vote for the winner  of Celebrity Big Brother.

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