Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 85: Decision Day

Tonight, Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg III must decide between evicting Holly Allen and Tommy Bracco. Before Tuesday night, Jackson Michie and Holly were so sure that she would be safe going into tonight’s eviction. Nicole and Cliff dropped hints that that might not be the case. Holly took the threat of her eviction even more serious.

She started to campaign the night before but really kicked it into gear. Whether strategy or real (most likely real), Holly was very emotional all day. She found herself crying to Tommy, Cliff, Nicole, and Jackson about possibly being evicted, and during her campaign. Holly decided to campaign to Cliff and Nicole separately. Her campaign strategy to Nicole was saying how she felt she hadn’t really done anything in the game.

Holly didn’t want her Big Brother 21 legacy to be her showmance and being taken out on her showmance’s Head of Household reign. She offered to give Nicole anything she wanted if she kept her. Holly preached loyalty to Nicole, but especially Cliff. Nicole’s answer to Holly’s loyalty pitch was that Nicole had to protect herself all game, and Holly was just as much part of the anti-Nicole meeting as anyone.

Cliff agreed. He just wasn’t sure if it was best for the long game to keep Holly or Tommy. Tommy stuck to his word and told Cliff and Nicole about his connection to Christie Murphy. He admitted to them that part of the reason he told Jackson and Holly was because they were bashing her so much and he couldn’t take it anymore. He also didn’t want them to use this information against him. Cliff confirmed that Holly and Jackson never told them this information, just hinted that he might tell them.

Jackson made sure to point out that Tommy having Christie in his corner stacked the votes heavily in his favor. Cliff seemed to take that threat seriously, but Nicole not so much. Jackson also made sure that Cliff and Nicole knew that he planned to take them to the final three over Holly because he thought they deserved it more than her. Holly also told them that she was fine with placing fourth, she just didn’t want to finish fifth and go out on Jackson’s HOH. Holly and Jackson also threw Tommy under the bus a bit by emphasizing that Tommy was a good liar if he held this secret about Christie so long, and that he betrayed them a few times.

Jackson was pissed at the idea of being bamboozled and lied to by his allies. He then worked to guilt trip Cliff into keeping Holly by mentioning how he kept all of them safe for the final four deal, how he really did want to take Cliff to the final two, and things of that nature. His guilt trip seemed to work some because Nicole and Cliff really started to debate their decision, and they were leaning towards keeping Holly more and more. Jackson told a lie that he planned to stick with. Nicole was frustrated with two different events beimg spewed. She planned to hold a house meeting in the morning to get to some answers. By the time everyone went to bed, there was still no final decision but they were leaning towards keeping Holly.

When they weren’t having game talks, the houseguests made sure to remember 9/11. They also had some “I love you all” and a remember the season moments.

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