Michie Jackson is back in control of the Big Brother 21 house, and he has nominated Tommy Bracco and Cliff Hogg III to the block this week for eviction. Tommy is his target for eviction with Cliff merely nominated to the block as a pawn. Cliff and his ride-or-die partner, Nicole Anthony, are in a fiercely loyal final four agreement with Michie and his showmance partner Holly Allen. The only houseguest standing in the way of the final four agreement coming to fruition tonight is Tommy.

Big Brother 21

If Tommy wins the Power of Veto (POV) tonight and takes himself off the block, Michie’s choice would most likely be Nicole as the replacement nominee. That would be the end of a possible final four deal for their crew. If Michie or Holly win, the nominations will most likely stay the same and Tommy will be voted out tomorrow night. If Cliff wins the POV, Cliff takes himself off the block, and Nicole goes up as the replacement. If Nicole grabs the win and uses it on Cliff, Michie’s only option would be Holly. With all of these possible outcomes, there is a lot riding on the winner of tonight’s POV competition.

Week Eleven Block Nominee Reactions

Michie admits that there is no room for error in the POV competition this week. Essentially, it is the entire house against Tommy. Tommy shares with the camera that he is living in fear, but he will not give up on his game. He will fight with all he has until the end.

Tommy Bracco’s Secret is Revealed

Tommy takes a visit to the HOH to speak with Michie and Holly. They bring up Christie and her consistent lying in the game. Holly shares that she doesn’t blame his loyalty to her though. Michie shares that he feels her word means nothing.

Out of the blue, Tommy confesses that he knew Christie before coming to the Big Brother house. Tommy shared that he has to go along with all of Christie’s shenanigans in the game because of the family connection outside of the house. Holly is very apologetic for all of the derogatory remakes she has made to him about Christie.

Big Brother 21

Tommy hopes this will help Michie and Holly trust him more and work with him in the end game. What Tommy doesn’t consider is that Michie knows he can’t sit next to Tommy come voting time. Michie knows Chrisite would vote for Tommy over him any day. In Michie’s mind, this just emphasizes how much Tommy needs to be evicted.

Week Eleven Power of Veto Competition BB Comics Time

Houseguests must zipline past a wall of Big Brother comics trying to remember exact details and location for each comic. Once back on the ground, they must choose the exact comic they saw while ziplining down the line and the correct order on the comic book wall. The houseguest to pick all of the correct comic book covers in the shortest amount of time wins the power of veto.

Michie finished  in 15:59
Tommy finished in 14:21
Holly finished in 38:22
Cliff finished in 26:32
Nicole finished in 10:58

Nicole smoked the competition and won the golden power of veto and is guaranteed a spot in the final four of Big Brother.

Michie makes the realization that if Nicole uses the POV on Cliff, he has to put up Holly on the block as the replacement nominee. Holly has never been on the block and may end up there on Michie’s HOH. In addition, they hold the two votes in the eviction election so they could backdoor Holly and split up the duo. Holly and Michie start scrambling trying to figure out how to convince Nicole not to use the POV.

Nicole told Michie in advance that she is planning on using the POV to save Cliff. She also promised there was no funny business planned. Nicole plans to make Holly and Michie feel very comfortable this week. Michie does not think they would do anything to hurt Holly and himself.

Nicole did approach Tommy and told him about her plans to save Cliff. Nicole urged Tommy to campaign hard to stay in the house. Tommy told Nicole that if he stayed in the Big Brother house, he would target Michie for them. Nicole shared this info with Cliff in hopes of changing his mind to vote out Holly instead of Tommy. Cliff has no idea what he wants to do at this point.

Week Eleven Power of Veto Ceremony

As planned, Nicole used the POV to save Cliff from the block. In return, Michie was forced to replace Cliff’s spot with Holly. Tomorrow night’s live eviction should be a good one.  Join us tomorrow, Thursday, September 12th at 9 PM EST/ 8 PM CST for the live eviction episode.

Big Brother 21

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