Big Brother After Dark Recap 7/3/2016

Big Brother After Dark was on Sunday night at 9:00pm PT (12:00am ET) and at this point in time, the Head of Household has been crowned, HOH nominations have been made, the Roadkill competition has been played with the winner and the third nominee announced and the Power of Veto competition was played and we have a winner.  At the time of writing this recap, the Veto Meeting has not yet taken place, but we have strong suspicions regarding which way it is going to go.

The night consisted of a lot of strategic talk as well as the solidification of certain alliances and the beginning of crumbling for some others.

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These recaps contain Big Brother spoilers that have not yet aired on the CBS TV show, but also offer an insight into different live camera feeds to let you know what’s going on in the house.  For more information on the Big Brother After Dark schedule, please click here.

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There are two types of alliances that very rarely succeed on Big Brother and this season is not proving to be any different.  The majority alliance, called the eight pack (plus Paulie Calafiore, who just so happened not to be in the room when it was formed) consists of more than half of the house.  These large alliances can get you through a couple, or maybe even a few weeks while you knock out a few other houseguests since you have the numbers; however, the bigger the alliance, the more cracks there are and the more opportunities to crumble.  While there are indeed many cracks, the sheer size of the alliance is a downfall; however, there are quite a few alliances within the majority alliance including some duos.

Within the majority alliance, there is also a girls alliance known as fatal five.  The fatal five alliance consists of Nicole Franzel, Tiffany Rousso, Michelle Meyer, Zakiyah Everette and Da’Vonne Rogers.  Girls alliances rarely do very well, but most of us fans had high hopes for them; however, it seems like Tiffany might be destroying everything.  Other than getting extremely emotional and acting just like her sister Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17 (who did win 3rd place, but had great manipulation skills as well), the girls have noticed that she has become quite fond of Paulie.  They definitely have a bond between the two of them and all of the other four girls in fatal five believe they may have a final two deal.  They all suspect it is likely because they are both siblings.

The fatal five and the rest of the eight pack have also seen Tiffany talking to the other side of the house.  Obviously, chatting is one thing, but they can tell she is talking game, especially with the trio named the Spy Girls (aka the Powerpuff Girls).  They don’t particularly like seeing her play all sides of the house.  In addition, they feel she is pretty loyal to her majority alliances, but they all know that she would protect Paulie over them any day.  Considering Tiffany is in both the eight pack and fatal five, she could be destroying two alliances – both of which commonly never last very long in Big Brother (and if this isn’t proof of that, I don’t know what is).  For further problems with Tiffany in relation to her alliances, please see the highlights below.

Da’Vonne has definitely changed up her game as she was able to speak her mind about some things last night without getting an attitude.  First, she likes the idea of an all girl alliance, so long as it’s the right girls.  Apparently, the Spy Girls (or Powerpuff Girls, as I like to call them) approached her to try to join their girls’ alliance. She was put off by this, but would consider bringing Natalie Negrotti into the fold since she hasn’t rubbed anyone the wrong way.  Da’Vonne even confronted Nicole about Corey Books, informing her that a lot of people want him out of the house and that she thinks he would be easy to get out; however, they are unaware of the “bros” alliance between Frank Eudy, Paulie and Corey (even though the girls have some suspicions).  Da’Vonne did not specify why she thought he would be easy to evict.  If it’s because she thinks he’s bad an competitions, he could pull out a veto win and that plan would backfire.  It may also have to do with certain controversial comments he has made in the Big Brother house or a generally poor personality.

Corey and Frank are outside playing pool and discussing the game as well as their future strategy.  Corey feels bad for Bronte, Bridgette and Natalie because they got in with the wrong group and don’t have much of a way out.  They both especially trust Natalie, even more so than their actual alliance at times.  Paulie has told them (since the three are in an alliance together) that he really trusts Tiffany, but Corey and Frank just can’t seem to get behind the idea.  Shortly after the initial conversation, Frank starts talking about final three which included a mini-lesson teaching Paulie the ins-and-outs as to how it works.  They ponder who they would take to final three.  The obvious answer in my mind was Paulie due to their “bros” trio alliance, but turns out, they are leaning towards Zakiyah because they don’t think she could beat either of them in comps.  They considered Michelle for a brief second until Frank realized if there was some sort of memorization puzzle, then Michelle would win for sure.

The Spy Girls aka the Powerpuff girls, a trio alliance which consists of Bronte, Natalie and Bridgette Dunning were in the London room talking about their current situation which seems pretty dire.  They are hoping the backdoor plan goes down and Victor goes home like they were told, otherwise, they are pretty sure that Bronte will be evicted.  They don’t think that Tiffany will go home, so it is going to come down to Victor versus Bronte versus Tiffany.  The target all week has been Victor via backdoor.  Paulie won the Power of Veto and while the Veto Meeting has not yet taken place (at the time this article was written), he is expected to use the Veto to take Paul off the block and put Victor Arroyo up.  Just something to keep in the back of your mind, while Victor is the target now, Thursday is still three days away and when you’re locked in a house with not much to do – a lot can happen!

Paulie had previously told Paul the plan to backdoor Victor and he seemed to be okay with it and willing to go along; however, when they were playing pool, they were discussing options.  Victor still does not know that he is the target, but he thinks that Bronte will be taken off the block to pit Paul and Victor against each other.  In actuality, Bronte is the next target of the majority alliance after Victor.  There won’t be a blindside, except for the fact Paulie has been giving Victor a false sense of security; however, Paul will come off the block and Victor will go up and hopefully be evicted.  Paul did not come right out and tell Victor the plan, thankfully.

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Other Highlights from the Big Brother After Dark Episode on 7/3/2016

  • Da’Vonne wants the eight pack to stay solid, but she is scared of Frank and what side he may actually be playing
  • Da’Vonne is worried that when they get to Top 8, Frank, Corey, James and Paulie will stick together (as a side note, Frank, Corey and Paulie already have an alliance and I don’t see James becoming a part of that anytime soon)
  • Da’Vonne’s targets are Bridgette Dunning, Bronte D’Acquisto and Paul Abrahamian – only after they have been evicted would she consider bringing Natalie into their girls’ alliance
  • All of the members of Fatal Five think Tiffany will be the first person out since Frank strongly dislikes here.  I am also sure all of the problems the girls have had with her don’t help matters.
  • Da’Vonne thinks that the four members of Fatal Five that are present (Tiffany is not) are the strongest players in the game and because their communication is so good, they are the strongest alliance; however, Tiffany is bringing this down and hopefully they realize that sooner rather than later
  • Da’Vonne was in the hallway outside of the DR (Diary Room) when Tiffany was in there and overheard that Tiffany is gunning for her
  • Da’Vonne, Michelle and Zakiyah discuss the likely possibility of an evicted houseguest re-entering the game and they are pretty sure of at least one buy back (for my speculation on how I think CBS will have the season last for 99 days, the longest ever, please click here for the article)
  • Zakiyah asked Paulie if he thinks that Tiffany []likes him because she doesn’t want to step on any toes, but Paulie assured her “no” and that he is simply trying to gain her trust.  This triangle theme continues when most of the Fatal Five are chatting and Zakiyah admits that her and Paulie like each other, but Tiffany has told Da’Vonne that she also likes Paulie.  Could this be yet another fracture in the eight pack (plus Paulie) or even the Fatal Five?
  • The Fatal Five girls (except Tiffany) say Bridgette is playing Jun Song’s game, winner of Big Brother 4.  Jun mastered floating and was able to win the game, but I personally don’t see that in the cards for Bridgette.

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