More From Big Brother Alumni Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd’s New Digs

We are happily counting the days to the Big Brother 14 premiere and waiting impatiently for the Big Brother 2012 cast list to come out. To keep us occupied, we’ve been checking in on various Big Brother alumni to see what they’re up to these days.

On Thursday, we brought you news on Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd’s move to Santa Monica, CA. Today we bring you more on their new digs near Los Angeles, where the fan favorite Big Brother couple will be working on their new hush-hush gig with CBS Interactive.

In the first photo of their new apartment we posted previously, the furniture primarily seemed to consist of plastic beach chairs. Thankfully, Jeff and Jordan apparently struck some kind of sweet deal with a fabulous furniture store to help them deck out their new apartment.

Not only did Jerome’s Furniture hook them up with some gorgeous items for their new love nest, they also surprised the Big Brother couple with the services of an interior decorating team.

“Interior decorators from @jeromessandiego are putting all the pieces we picked out together,” Jordan Tweeted, “and going to surprise Jeff and I with a reveal…so excited!!”

Jeff and Jordan are so thrilled over the furniture and decorating, they’ve been gleefully sending out photos of their new apartment all over their Twitter feeds. They have also been very effusive in their thanks to Jerome’s Furniture of San Diego for all the help.

“We love it! They really did an amazing job,” Jeff Schroeder Tweeted last night. “So happy to be getting our furniture from @jermoessandiego. Everyone is so nice and helpful,” Jordan Lloyd Tweeted yesterday. “LOVE all the new furniture… thank y’all so much!!!!!”

Jerome’s Furniture, meanwhile, is no doubt appreciative of all the nice publicty generated by working with the Big Brother alumni.

@jeffschroeder23 & @BBJordanLloyd have great taste! They picked great pieces that came together nicely,” the store posted on Twitter. Responding to all of Jeff and Jordan’s Tweets, the store replied: “So glad you guys like it! Enjoy!!”

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