Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 5 Wednesday Review

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With the outcome of this week’s eviction still somewhat up in the air, talk in the Big Brother 13 house is all about who will get the boot — and who will get put up next week as a consequence. Pretty much no one should consider themselves very safe at this point and whoever the returning houseguest is could make a big difference in who is the next to get evicted.

It’s morning (around 9:30AM BBT) in the BB13 house and Adam tells Shelly he thinks he is the one with the most to loose if they vote Lawon out and keep Rachel in the house. Shelly agrees with him. Adam says everyone on Daniele & Kalia‘s side just assume he is with them. Both of them agree Porsche is a wild card and Rachel is a loose cannon. What a pair they make, those two!

Rachel comes out and joins Adam and Shelly in the backyard. Shelly is a smart girl and says she thinks all the previously evicted houseguests will be competing on Thursday to come back in the house. (Well, she’s sort of right, just not exactly right.)

Around 11:45AM, Shelly and Daniele are still tossing around the idea that Lawon is America’s Player and that is why he is acting so friggin’ weird and volunteering to go up for eviction. Daniele thinks Lawon has lost his mind. Shelly can’t believe Lawon is not campaigning for votes at all. She also tells Daniele that she knows that Porsche said she was going to give Rachel a sympathy vote. Shelly tries hard to persuade Daniele that Lawon and Porsche are suspicious and dangerous.

Speaking of Rachel, they both then enjoy some lovely Rachel bashing about her being whiny, needy, obnoxious, etc. In the way more information than I needed category, Shelly also tells Daniele that Rachel gave her two pair of shorts that don’t fit her any more. When she went to put them on, she said they were dirty in the girly parts. Daniele is all grossed out (and so are we!).

In the afternoon, around 1PM BBT, Danile puzzles out the ‘twist’ of the returning houseguest. She tells Kalia she thinks maybe the previously evicted houseguests will have to battle Rachel or Lawon to get back in the house. Kalia says if Brendon comes back, she will evict herself. Daniele tells Kalia to keep her mouth shut and not tell Shelly. (Because, really, Kalia sucks at keeping her mouth shut.)

Meanwhile, Rachel campaigns for Adam’s vote, telling him she has been loyal to her alliance and he would be safe with her. Adam tells her he has been distant because she’s been all ’emotional’ lately. Adam says he think the vote is going to come down to what he and Porsche do. Rachel says she will talk to Porsche and he agrees she should do that.

A bit later, around 2:10PM BBT, Rachel tells Jordan that she thinks Shelly and Adam will vote against her and everyone is being weird. Jordan tells her to calm down and reminds her that Shelly worked really hard with Kalia to try to keep Rachel.

Adam and Daniele chat around 3:50PM BBT and she tells him her theory on the Big Brother 13 returning houseguest ‘twist’. Adam says he thinks they are overthinking things. She questions him on where his head is out. He says he is still not sure and will probably make up his mind when he gets up to vote. Daniele says she is going to try to give a signal before the live vote which way to vote so they are all on the same page.

Jeff and Jordan engage in some game talk about Porsche and who she is actually going to vote for at the eviction. Adam thinks she will vote to keep Rachel. They talk about maybe getting rid of Daniele or Kalia next week and how long Rachel should be kept around in the house. Adam says he thinks Daniele still wants to get Rachel out this week.

The live feeds go to break while the houseguests get to celebrate their Half-Way Party in the house with cake. Which Kalia is very, very into. Climbing all over the table to get it in her mouth! [7:39 PM BBT for Flashback on the Big Brother live feeds — kind of amusing.]

Daniele and Lawon talk about him possibly getting back into the house if he is evicted. Lawon just seems so confused and clueless. Daniele says she is really nervous about the chance he will or won’t come back. She says her first instinct was to vote Rachel out and maybe they should have stuck with that plan. She says if he doesn’t come back, she will lose an ally and still have to deal with Rachel. Now Lawon says he is nervous.

Later Lawon talks to Shelly, around 8:40PM BBT, and tells her he has been acting weird and running into the Diary Room a lot because he is worried about his job. He says he thinks Rachel is a big threat to both of them. After Shelly, Lawon campaigns to Adam, telling him if he gets voted out he will come back with a vengeance!

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