Big Brother 19: Battle Back Coming Soon?

On night one, Cameron Heard left the Big Brother 19 house. Since then, no one has seen him walking among the living, nor have they seen him being active on social media. This can only mean one thing: Cameron gets a chance to come back into the Big Brother 19 game.

Last season, Big Brother held a competition to see who would return to the game. The first five evictees competed in a series of competitions, both mental and physical. In the end, Victor Arroyo won his place back into the Big Brother 18 game. He eventually went on to win another place back during jury.

Host Julie Chen teased the possibility of Cameron’s return. She even told Hollywood Reporter to expect the unexpected with it. Fans have speculated that Big Brother may use either the Battle Back or one of the temptations to bring one of the houseguests back into the game.

We say, why not both? Megan Lowder left earlier than expected, which means they have enough time to bring at least two players back before Big Brother 19 ends, especially if CBS wants to do a couple of double eviction episodes. Big Brother Network and Drew Mack, pointed out that starting July 21st, Big Brother has episodes scheduled for Friday.

On Big Brother 18, Fridays were also when Big Brother held the last Battle Back episodes. If Battle Back starts July 21st, this means that it starts after the first four evictees.

Yesterday, Paul Abrahamian told his alliance that he plans to backdoor Cody. If Cody gets evicted this week, and then returns from Battle Back, expect fireworks, especially if Paul is still in the house as well.

We can see Big Brother also pulling a twist where one juror returns by someone in the house taking a temptation. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how it all unfolds this summer on Big Brother 19.

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