Big Brother 19 Final Weeks Schedule

There is only a little over two weeks left before the Big Brother 19 finale. It’s been a long road, but we have reached the final days. Currently, seven houseguests are still in the running for $500,000. In a few days, the final seven Big Brother 19 players become the final five.

Big Brother 19 Julie Chen

To get seven to three in 18 days, CBS needs to go fully throttle with the final evictions. Using Big Brother Networks’ post as a guideline, let’s break down what to expect in the next two weeks plus.

Until Thursday, this week plays out as normal. Today is the Power of Veto competition, followed by Monday’s Power of Veto ceremony. Thursday, Sept 7th is the confirmed next Big Brother 19 Double eviction. We should have a regular schedule until the following Monday or Tuesday.

That should be the next ‘surprise’ eviction, where someone leaves to an empty stage. By the time it gets to this eviction, the Veto and Head of Household ceremony will have been played. So despite a feeds outage until after Wednesday’s episode, we should know who will be the final four players.

Big Brother 19 Julie Chen

Next, Thursday, September 14, 2017, the fourth place houseguests will be evicted. This brings us to the final three players. Big Brother Network also mentioned how now a Friday episode will air after the Sept 14 one.

The Sept. 15 episode will likely be a clip show and show the first part of the final Head of Household competition. This episode will air as a replacement for the Sunday episode, which won’t air due to the Emmys.

Next, the Big Brother 19 finale plays out on Wednesday, September 20, 2017.

So we have a busy–and hopefully exciting–next couple of weeks ahead of us. Make sure to keep it here the rest of the season as we continue to update you on the latest news, gossip, and spoilers about Big Brother 19.

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