Big Brother 19-8/31/17- Recap: Matt Creates Chaos Before His Exit

No one could ever accuse the Big Brother 19 cast for being the most congenial over the last 20 seasons. These houseguests have the bad habit of taking game strategy and moves very personal, and in the game of Big Brother that can spell d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r.  After Jason Dent drew a line in the sand, chaos broke out amongst the Big Brother 19 houseguests, and the fighting was not very becoming for any of them.

Big Brother 19 Matt Clines

We pick up after Jason announced to the houseguests that he was not going to use the Power of Veto to save Matt Clines or Raven Walton from eviction this week. They were both under the impression that Jason would use the POV to take Raven off the block, and he would replace her with Kevin Schlehuber. Jason decided his relationship with Kevin was more important, and consequently he upset everyone in the house, except Kevin. This made Jason  become public enemy number one in the Big Brother 19 house.

Matt and Raven (Maven) exploded about Jason’s decision to not use the POV this week. While they were venting about his lying and cowardly ways, Jason hide in the storage room to avoid confrontation. This did not get missed by Matt, who commented that at least Cody Nickson was man enough to face his game decisions.  Matt, Raven, and Jason exchanged heated words, and Jason finally admitted he was responsible for one of the rogue votes against Matt last week for eviction. Jason did not throw Alex Ow under the bus for her rogue vote, and Alex lied through her teeth when asked if she was the second rogue vote.

Once things settled inside the Big Brother house, Kevin made sure to buddy up to Matt out in the backyard. Kevin wanted to make sure that Matt knew he was not responsible for the other rogue vote last week…enough to swear on the life of all of his children. This immediately drew suspicion from the other houseguests. Paul Abrahamian went outside to spy on their conversation. The houseguests finally realized that every time someone is about to be evicted, Kevin becomes their best friend. They discovered his ploy to garner jury votes from those on their way out the door.

Big Brother 19 Matt Clines

Back in the kitchen, a comment from Christmas Abbott sent Kevin and Josh Martinez into a verbal frenzy against each other. Josh tried to get Kevin to swear on his children’s lives that he did not win the $25,000 during the first week of the game. Instead of doing so, Kevin threw the question back onto Josh accusing him of winning the money.  Once Kevin wouldn’t swear on his kids lives about the money, they knew he was lying. Christmas and Josh also concluded that this meant Kevin was telling the truth about the rogue vote, and by process of elimination, Alex was responsible for casting the second rogue vote to evict Matt.

Production did a small piece about the jury house. The houseguests include Cody, Elena Davies, and Mark Jansen.  Elena was sad to see Mark eliminated from the game, but she was happy to see him again. Although she had been coy in the past about Mark, Elena admitted that she had missed him during the last week.

Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen

Time for the live eviction. Julie Chen advised us about Matt’s additional penalty vote for ignoring the Have-Not rules this week.  Matt intentionally planned to seek the penalty vote to help to ensure that Raven would be saved from eviction this week.

By a vote of 6-0, Matt was evicted from the Big Brother 19 house.  He graciously accepted his eviction, and he said his goodbyes to all the houseguests. Once Matt joined Julie outside the house, her first question to Matt was why he gave up $500,000 for someone he just met 72 days ago.

Matt responded like he was smitten with Raven and in puppy love.  His response was almost too much to handle about how wonderful Raven is and how she’s such a wonderful person…blah, blah, blah.  Matt also exclaimed that he feels as though Raven can win the whole Big Brother 19 game…yeah, he said that!

Big Brother 19 Matt Clines

At the time for the Head of Household competition, rain delayed the competition in the backyard. Julie told the houseguests that this was the first time in Big Brother history that rain had delayed a HOH comp.

Big Brother 19 Rain Delay

Remember, expect the unexpected on Big Brother 19.

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