Who Won Part 2 of the Final Head of Household Comp (09/25/21)?

Now that we know who won the first part of the final Big Brother 23 Head of Household, it all comes down to who will take the crown in part two. Whoever wins part two of the final HOH will face off against the part one winner in part three. Part three of the final Head of Household competition will play out live during the Big Brother 23 finale. 

Big brother 20 Final HOH Comp

The Big Brother 23 finale is less than a week away, so we’re in the home stretch now. We only have a few more competitions before either Xavier Prather, Derek Fraiser, or Azah Awasum become the first black Big Brother winner of a US civilian season.

The first part of the final Big Brother Head of Household Competition is usually endurance, while the second part combines endurance, memory, trivia, and some strategy. In my opinion, it is definitely usually the harder of the three parts. The final part is usually just memory or how well the final houseguests know the jury members.

For part 2, Azah and Derek F face-off. Most people expect Azah to win this part because Derek F has yet to win a competition, but Azah has only one. This makes it a pretty even playing field going into this part of the final Head of Household Competition.

Want to know who won part two of the final HOH competition? Read below to find out!



Azah won part two of the final Head of Household.

Luckily for Derek F, Xavier and Azah both may take him to the final two. Azah could also take Xavier, and that is a very big possibility, but she also may take Derek F because they’ve been each other’s best friends all season. We’ll have to wait until Wednesday’s finale to see whether Xavier or Azah win the final HOH.


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