Big Brother 23 Episode 35 Recap: Walk Down Memory Lane

You know when we have reached the end of the Big Brother season when it’s time for our annual trip down memory lane. Tonight, the final three houseguests, Xavier Prather, Derek Frazier, and Azah Asasum, will guide us as we recall all of the good times and the bad of season 23 of Big Brother including the history-making moments.

The final three houseguests will be fighting against one another vying for that final Head of Household title. After a three-round battle for HOH, the winner will have the luxury of picking the houseguest they wish to sit next to in the final two. At that point, their peers, AKA Big Brother jury, will take over and vote for the $750,000 winner.

Big Brother Gentlemen Blowup

Kyland Young and Xavier had a firm final two deal in place, or so Kyland thought. He saw the final challenge between the two men as Batman versus Superman. Xavier had other plans in mind, and he orchestrated the eviction of Kyland just at the final three eviction.

As Kyland was gathering his belongings to leave the Big Brother 23 house, he had some final choice words for Xavier. Kyland was visibly upset that he was blindsided with the eviction by the lone vote cast by Big D. He verbally challenged Xavier’s manhood which Xavier did not take to very kindly.

Luckily, Big Brother host, Julie Chen Moonves, was able to forcefully request Kyland’s presence with her on set for his eviction interview. After working together all season, the Gentlemen’s alliance came to an abrupt end. Let’s just hope the two can reconcile once the dust settles and the winner is announced.

Big D felt that the way Kyland left the Big Brother house was disgusting. He also gave big props to Xavier for handling the situation so calmly. Big D easily admitted that if he had been in Xavier’s shoes, things would have been “poppin'”.

Azah made a great point while speaking in the Diary Room…she said Kyland had no problem gaming people all season long, but when he got gamed, he just couldn’t handle it. Facts!

Stroll Down Big Brother 23 Lane

Azah shared her first highlight of the season, and she shared that her favorite introduction this season was to Lucious. Remember when Xavier put on Azah’s 1970’s wig and strutted around the Big Brother house as the ladies’ man? The man did look fine with some hair. Azah was definitely diggin’ on Lucious.

The houseguests reminisced about the four teams that started the Big Brother season, the Kings, Queens, Aces, and Jokers. Big D and Azah were very proud that they were both from the Joker’s team and made the final three.

And you can’t talk about the Jokers in Big Brother season 23 without talking about the whirlwind known as Brandon Frenchie French. He won the first HOH competition, and the entire house was in turmoil during his entire reign as HOH. The house was very relieved when they were able to evict him the following week. Sanity returned to the house.

It wouldn’t be a Big Brother season without watching a montage of the houseguests crying in the Diary Room. What is it about that place that makes even the toughest players break down in tears at the drop of a dime?

The next topic up for discussion was showmances. You truly can’t have a Big Brother without some love in the air either, but this season was fairly light on the loving front. The only real showmance was between Christian Birkenberger and Alyssa Lopez. At first, that relationship was one-sided, but Alyssa finally came around. The showmance lasted just a few weeks because Christian was evicted on day 37.

Everyone agreed that they will miss being able to make requests for anything their heart desires in the Diary Room. That is an awesome perc the houseguests have while living in the Big Brother 23 house. You ask, they deliver.

Don’t forget to vote for America’s Favorite Houseguest. This year, Big Brother will be awarding the winner that receives the most votes from the fans a cash prize of $50,000. This is double the amount from previous years. Big Brother is feeling awfully generous this year.

You can vote for one houseguest each day by texting your favorite houseguest’s name to 97979.

Tears were certainly flowing all over the Big Brother couches when personal messages from the final three houseguests’ families were played. That gave the final boost they needed to finish the game strong.

Join us again on Sunday, September 26 at 8/7c for the first round of the final HOH competition.

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