Who Won Part 1 of the Final Head of Household Comp (09/23/21)?

On last night’s Big Brother 23 episode, we saw the final four players become the final three. Kyland Young was sent out fourth, leaving Xavier Prather, Azah Awasum, and Derek Fraiser to fight it out for the title of Big Brother 23 winner. This winning player will also become the first black winner of a civilian season of Big Brother. These last few competitions are huge because they may not only determine who makes it to the final two seats, but who wins Big Brother.

Big brother 20 Final HOH Comp

Right now, Xavier is the odds favorite to win Big Brother. However, he could still lose the game if Azah and/or Derek F win part 1 and part 2 of the final Head of Household Competition,  and then decide to cut Xavier at final three. This is what both players should aim to do, but they’re most likely to take Xavier to the final two with them.

Xavier is also the odds favorite to win one of the two parts and the final HOH. However, Big Brother’s motto is to expect the unexpected, so we’ll have to see more jury segments and how the final HOH plays out to really determine who will win Big Brother 23. After Thursday’s eviction, the houseguests played the first part of the final HOH, which was likely an endurance competition. We now know the winner.

Want to know who won part one of the final HOH competition? Read below to find out!



Xavier won part one of the final Head of Household.

This leaves Derek F and Azah to fight it out in the second part, which will likely combine endurance with days and knowledge of events that happened in the Big Brother house. We expect part two to play out on Saturday, but if CBS wants to include it in the Sunday episode, it may play out on Friday.

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