Who Was Evicted On Big Brother 23 Tonight? (9/23/21)

Tonight on Big Brother 23 the final three will be revealed after the last live eviction vote of the summer. Current Head of Household, Xavier Prather, nominated Azah Asasum and Kyland Young to the block. Although Kyland has been his ride-or-die all season, Xavier is ready to let him go rather than risk facing him in the final three.

The Power of Veto ceremony will determine who will cast the lone vote at the live eviction this evening. Xavier could leave the nominations the same and Derek Frazier would cast that vote, or he could replace Azah with Derek and allowing Azah to cast that vote. Either way, it looks like Kyland will be joining the jury house this evening unless Big Brother magic happens once again. Will we see some of that magic tonight?

Big D Has A Big Dilemma

The pressure on Big D for potentially being responsible for the most important vote this summer in the Big Brother 23 house is starting to make him crack. Big D has a wonderful relationship with Azah, and their friendship has lasted all summer long. He also has a great relationship with Kyland and a final three deal since the beginning of the game.

His struggle is real, and he is torn on which houseguest to evict if he is put in that position by Xavier. Big D is obviously letting his emotions control his Big Brother game rather than thinking strategically and what’s best for his game.

Azah has made it very clear that she has no issues with sending Kyland home this week. Should Xavier take the risk with Big D by letting him cast the sole vote to evict this week, or should he let Azah cast the vote? This seems like a no-brainer in terms of safe gameplay on Xavier’s part.

Update With The Jury House

Time to check in with the jury house members and introduce them to the new members of the Big Brother jury house. Tiffany Mitchell is the newest member of the jury, and the other jury members are shocked to see Tiff. She brought with her a review of how she was evicted for the jury members to view.

Tiffany came clean to the jury about the secret Cookout alliance that was formed on day one. She explained why the alliance was formed and shared their mission to create the first-ever African American winner of Big Brother 23. Tiff explained her master plan where the members of the Cookout had close allies that were not members of the Cookout. The jury was thoroughly impressed with all of this and all agreed she would have won this season if left in the game.

The next bomb that was dropped to the jury was the second double eviction in a row. Tiffany was uncertain as to which houseguest was behind her so this was a surprise to Tiff as well.

Hannah Chaddha was the next houseguest to join the Big Brother jury. She also brought a recap for the jury members to watch as to how she was evicted from the game. Hannah showed them how Azah was duped by the “guys” to get her out of the house. Hannah knew her fate was sealed before the votes were even cast.

Week 11 Live Power of Veto Ceremony

As the final veto holder in the Big Brother 23 season, Xavier decided not to use the golden power of veto. This means that Derek will cast the one and only vote for eviction tonight.

Week 11 Live Eviction Vote

Derek cast the one and only vote for Kyland to be evicted from the Big Brother 23 house. Big D explained that he has told everyone from the beginning that he played his game with his best interests in mind and nothing else.

Before Kyland walked out to meet with Julie Chen Moonves for his eviction interview, things got very heated between Kyland and Xavier. Kyland was questioning Xavier about him not stepping up to the challenge and going against him rather than the easy way out against Azah and Big D. He also wanted to know why he was not given any notice about the eviction prior to the vote.

Kyland went as far as to bring Xavier’s nephew into the confrontation telling Xavier that his nephew would not have anyone to look up to while growing up after losing his father (Xavier’s brother). Xavier did not react well to this, as expected. Julie forcefully told Kyland to leave the Big Brother house immediately. Kyland finally did.

During his interview with Julie, Kyland said he was upset because he played a more upfront game letting people know his intentions in advance. Obviously, Kyland was just on the tail end of the biggest blindside of the season. Kyland is now the eighth member of the Big Brother jury.

Join us again on Friday, September 24 at 8/7c for the next episode of Big Brother 23.

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