Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 53: Christie Leaves the Field Trip

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen started this Big Brother day off by planning to vote out Christie Murphy if she remained on the block, but they ended the day having to fake it and work with her (for at least one more week). Meanwhile, Analyse Talavera put in some work to try to convince Holly and Jackson that they needed to keep Christie this week. Analyse pointed out that if Christie left, Jackson became the new shiny target and the Five lost the house majority.

If they took out Cliff Hogg III or Kathryn Dunn, then the other side would become a little weaker, especially with Nick Maccarone trying to rejoin their group. Despite Analyse’s valid points, Jackson and Holly still wanted Christie out before Kat or Cliff. After the Power of Veto Competition, Christie no longer became an option and Holly had to start to put in work to seem like she was completely back with the Five, especially to keep Kat in the Big Brother 21 game.

This whole week has been an emotional spiral for Kat as she found herself crying again after Veto. This time, Kat felt bad for beating Cliff out in Veto. Everyone reassured her that it was all right and it didn’t make her a bad person. Head of Household Tommy Bracco made it pretty clear that he wanted Kat out of the Big Brother 21 game, especially with Cliff being injured, but he wanted it to seem like he didn’t care who left. He would let the house decide.

Kat had a feeling that her time might be up, especially with how Nick Maccarone responded when she asked him about his vote this week. Holly tried to reassure Kat that she would be fine this week. She would work hard to keep Kat safe and get out Cliff instead.

Talk turned to Jackson, Christie, Analyse, and Jack Matthews being America’s Least Favorite players due to the Big Brother Field Trip. Jackson was sure America didn’t like him, but Analyse couldn’t believe that America didn’t like her. She thought she wasn’t supposed to be there and only got in that spot because of Tommy and Jack Matthews being ineligible.

Production decided to add some layers to Analyse’s punishment. She now has to lay an egg whenever she is called, in her nest outside. She has to go lay eggs and then make eggs for the other houseguests.

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