Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 52: America’s Least Favorites

Well the Big Brother 21 Field Trip really shined a bright light on who America wasn’t a fan of in the game. Of course, this sent Christie Murphy spiraling even more after finishing last and going on the block during her BB bestie’s Head of Household. Christie wasn’t the only one in the dumps yesterday about nominations.

Kathryn Dunn also wasn’t happy to find herself on the block, especially next to fellow Cliff’s Angels member, Cliff Hogg III. Christie and Kat traded off tears throughout the day, but both remained semi-hopeful that they would have Jackson Michie and Holly Allen‘s votes. Christie wasn’t too sure about it, but Tommy Bracco felt confident that he could bring the Six (now Five) back together. He was wrong.

Jackson and Holly aren’t sure what side to pick this week, but Jackson is sure that they can’t work with Christie. He wants them to vote her out. This might be the one chance they get. Holly agrees that Christie is the smartest play, but she isn’t sure if they’ll just become the next best target for both sides of the house with Christie gone. Holly has no intentions of voting out Kat, so she would have to vote Cliff out, if not Christie.

Before nominations, Tommy finished up his one on ones. He basically hinted to Cliff and Kat that they might go up this week. However, he made sure to make it seem like a new decision that he made because Jackson was now ineligible as a nominee. He told Holly, Jackson, Christie, and Analyse Talavera that he never intended to nominate Jackson (or any of the Five). He just wanted the Outsiders to think that. Tommy also told many houseguests that his goal this week was to get Christie off the block. He then said if people didn’t want to take Christie off, he hoped that they would respect his nominations and not take anyone off.

Christie was really nervous about being on the block. She wasn’t confident that she had Jackson and Holly’s votes, but Tommy reassured her that they did. He believed that because he didn’t nominate Jackson, then Jackson would vote whoever he wanted out (Kat). Even Analyse pointed out that Tommy technically had no say in whether he nominated Jackson, so that deal was technically void the minute Jackson won his own safety. Analyse also pointed out that Holly and Jackson would probably not vote out Kat, but if anything, they’d vote out Cliff (if not Christie).

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Kat at first thought she was being used as a pawn to get Cliff out, but then started to suspect that she might be the target. Jessica Milagros told her not to lose hope and the Veto could change things. Nicole Anthony also talked to Kat about telling Tommy what Nick told her. She asked Kat to please not share things like that in the future. Kat apologized and said she was just paranoid.

Everyone kind of got a sense that the three nominated were not liked by America, especially because most of the prizes were punishments. Tommy also figured out that Jack Matthews and him were probably in the third spot but became ineligible, which is why Analyse found herself in the competition and in a chicken costume by the end of the night.

Nick tries to ger Nicole to a pick a side between the Three and Cliff’s Angels. He even tells Nicole that Holly and Jackson were considering nominating her during Holly’s HOh but Christie and Tommy saved her. He was trying to pull her toward the Three and him.

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