Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 7 Sunday Live Feeds Report

As the plan stands right now, it looks like the majority of Big Brother 15 cast members are aiming for another blindside eviction on Thursday night. This could be the last week things go so smoothly for the house majority, however, as it is obvious from the Big Brother Live Feeds that alliances are starting to crack all over the place.

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Even the lone remaining showmance in the house, McCrae and Amanda, is starting to spoil around the edges. With half the Big Brother 15 HouseGuests already gone, everyone left is a potential target… and no one can be trusted. Read on for our Live Feeds report from Sunday to find out who the target is for this week’s eviction and who is likely to become the next victim to go to the Jury House!

SPOILER ALERT: The following report contains Big Brother spoilers on game play, alliances, competition results and other information from the Live Feeds that has not yet been shown on the CBS network show. Proceed with caution!

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Week 7 Thursday Evening Report — August 7, 2013

1:25 AM BBT: Jessie, McCrae, Amanda, Elissa and GinaMarie talk about how they are being portrayed on the CBS show. GM thinks she is being shown as dumb but funny. Amanda says that production gets her to say things that are b*tcy but funny. (Naturally, the Live Feeds cut to fish, since the HGs aren’t allowed to talk about production.) When the Feeds return, talk has moved on to evicted HouseGuests.

8-11-2013 at 2-10-AM2:10 AM BBT: Jessie tells Elissa that Aaryn told her she was safe this week after Andy won the Power of Veto. Jessie doesn’t think Andy is going to use it. Elissa says she just needs to wait and see. Jessie says that she thought the plan was to keep her safe and Elissa would know that, right? Elissa is like, um, yeah, of course it is. (Elissa is a terrible liar.) Elissa is not so happy about Jessie and Aaryn talking about her.

Jessie goes and talks to McCrae and says Elissa is being sketchy. She says Aaryn told her she is not the target this week. McCrae tells her to just chill and lay low. Jessie goes to talk to Elissa again about Andy not using the Power of Veto and promises to Elissa that she wouldn’t talk crap about her with Aaryn.

This immediately proceeds to Jessie tells Amanda that Elissa is being sketchy. Amanda tells her not to be concerned and distracts her by asking who she would put up for eviction if she won Head of Household. Jessie says GinaMarie but she’s not sure on the second because she has a deal with Aaryn. Amanda’s ears perk up and she wants to know what deal. Jessie says just that she would keep Aaryn safe. Helen comes in and they all talk about how Andy won’t use the Power of Veto and Jessie will be safe. Amanda teases her along some more by saying that Jessie needs to just be sure to go along with the house and she will make it farther in the game.

2:40 AM BBT: Helen, Amanda, Elissa and McCrae discuss Jessie and how she was talking about Elissa being sketchy. Amanda says the last thing Judd told her was to get Jessie out. Elissa says Jessie just walks around half naked and flirts with all the guys. Amanda says Jessie is just a waste of space.

8-11-2013 at 10-28-AM10:20 AM BBT: Aaryn talks about having a dream that her friend gave her a huge black dildo with velcro on it and she has no idea why she would dream that or what you would do with the velcro. They talk about one of the ‘sick camera’ people zooming in on Britney Haynes’ camel toe all the time when she was on Big Brother.

11:00 AM BBT: (This is delicious.) Jessie tells Aaryn that people warned her not to come on the show because it could mess up her life. Aaryn says she doesn’t know why it should. Aaryn tells Jessie she isn’t worried about what people think of her outside of the house. She just plans not to read any negative comments about her. (Little does she know…) They keep talking about random stuff. They both want to move to Los Angeles and be famous.

12:00 PM BBT: Andy tells Helen he is more concerned about Spencer in the game than Jessie. Helen thinks that if Spencer stays and wins Head of Household, they can get him to put up Aaryn and GinaMarie next week. Helen now says it is too soon to go after Amanda (she has been waffling on that a lot). Andy is like, wow, you’ve changed your mind on that? She says yes because she talked with McCrae and he said he would not target them if they go after Amanda later. They worry about McCrae making it to the final three because he would be good at the competitions. Jessie joins them.

8-11-2013 at 12-16-PM12:15 PM BBT: Helen wanders off. Andy promises Jessie that she is safe this week and not to worry. (He is lying.) He fluffs up his lies by saying he may go for a “big move” he has been planning or he’ll just take out Spencer. He says he is scared of Spencer. Jessie is like, yes, yes, be scared of Spencer!!! Helen wanders back in and talk turns to the Power of Veto Competition.

12:45 PM BBT: The HouseGuests are still obsessed with Judd. They discuss about all his lies and Helen talks about how he was really smart and was fooling all of them. Jessie brings up the whole thing about kissing him. (He kissed her and Aaryn.) Helen says the only person Judd didn’t trash talk about was McCrae. (They’ve made Judd out to be this total bad guy who was backstabbing everyone… when is pretty much not guilty of nearly everything they’ve accused him of.) When they are alone, Andy consults with Helen about his ‘show’ for Jessie and wants to know if he was convincing. She says he was.

2:05 PM BBT: Andy tells GinaMarie that he hopes Jessie will get evicted this week. GinaMarie agrees that she won’t put up Andy if she wins Head of Household next week. GM says she thinks he is awesome and if she makes it to the end, she wants to compete with him.

8-11-2013 at 3-17-PM3:15 PM BBT: Andy tells Jessie that Helen, Elissa, McCrae and Amanda will eventually start going after each other. Jessie thinks they all have a final four deal together and won’t. (She is incorrect.) She says they need to break them up. She promises that she will be bold and risky for him if he will take Spencer off the block and put up Amanda. She will go up against Amanda. If he doesn’t, she thinks they are all doomed. Andy says if he did that, Helen and Elissa might come after him. Jessie claims that Helen is on board if the timing is right.

3:40 PM BBT: Andy tells McCrae that Jessie wants to see Amanda get backdoored and evicted. He says that she was all about this four person alliance ruling the house. They mutually agree Jessie really needs to be the one evicted this week. McCrae tells Andy to just keep saying Spencer is the target. McCrae says Amanda wants to have the Big Brother wedding on Monday and he feels she is getting ready to cut him. He says he is a paranoid freak though. Andy says he doesn’t think Amanda would do that yet because it would make her look disloyal. They agree they will make their alliance with Helen more solid and give it a name and everything. (Helen, Andy, McCrae and Amanda for a final four.)

Amanda comes in and Andy goes to the Diary Room. McCrae tells her about Jessie trying to get Andy to backdoor her. McCrae says that just sealed Jessie’s fate. They talk about what will happen if one of the Jury members comes back into the game. McCrae goes to the Diary Room and Andy comes back and tells Amanda about Jessie. McCrae comes back and Spencer joins them. They talk about Spencer being safe this week and how they should just let Jessie talk and do her thing until she is evicted.

4:25 PM BBT: Aaryn talks to Amanda and McCrae about how she can’t stand Spencer. Amanda tells Aaryn that they have to try to win every competition from now on and can’t be throwing any of them. McCrae leaves. Amanda tells Aaryn about Jessie trying to get Andy to backdoor her. She says they will blindside Jessie. Aaryn is not happy about Spencer staying because she thinks he will put her up.

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4:35 PM BBT: Spencer says he would put up Helen and Elissa if he won Head of Household and he would want to get out Helen because she is more dangerous.

4:45 PM BBT: Helen talks about needing to get Aaryn out because she will prevent them from targeting Amanda and McCrae.

5:00 PM BBT: Andy, Spencer, McCrae, Aaryn and GinaMarie discuss whether there will be a Pandora’s Box this week and when it would be. McCrae says it would probably be on Monday or Tuesday so it could be filmed for the Wednesday show.

5:20 PM BBT: Spencer tells Jessie he doesn’t think Andy will use the Power of Veto. Jessie says she knows he won’t but she still has to try to get him to. She says she won’t campaign against Spencer but she will talk to Andy more (trying to get him to backdoor Amanda). Spencer says he would have thought Andy would have had more spine than doing what he did. Jessie says everyone is telling her they will vote with the house and they don’t want the nominations to change.

8-11-2013 at 5-43-PM5:40 PM BBT: Elissa tells Helen that Amanda told her about Jessie trying to backdoor her. Elissa says Jessie is just too unpredictable. Elissa leaves, McCrae comes in. Helen and him talk about their final three deal with Andy and how they might have to cut Amanda when they get to final 6. McCrae says he would do it at 6 but would rather wait until 5. Helen says she is concerned that Aaryn might be more loyal to Amanda and that she might try to backdoor McCrae next week if she wins Head of Household. They talk about needing to get rid of Aaryn. Naturally, Aaryn appears and they switch to talking about Jessie being such a wild card.

6:00 PM BBT: McCrae talks to Andy about his ex-girlfriend and how Amanda is a man-eater. He says he thinks Amanda is just using him. Andy thinks McCrae should trust Amanda. McCrae says he is the “girl” in their relationship and the weaker one. He says he likes it when she talks about them getting married and moving in together. But he does still like “Jessica” back home too. The showmance is definitely showing more cracks.

6:40 PM BBT: Now the HouseGuests who were trash talking Judd are sad because he is gone. (Really?)

7:05 PM BBT: Jessie is working Andy to try to get him to target Spencer and use his Power of Veto to take her off the block.

8-11-2013 at 7-20-PM7:15 PM BBT: Andy tells Helen that Jessie wants her, him, Spencer, GinaMarie and Aaryn to go up against McCrae, Helen, Amanda and Elissa. Helen asks if she is stupid. Andy says from her standpoint it makes sense. Helen wonders if Aaryn and GinaMarie are in on that plan. Andy says no. Andy fluffs Helen about how awesome they are as a team and how everything they do is perfect and they gush over their mutual final two plan. (Helen, Andy is going to rip the carpet out from under you one of these days…)

8:35 PM BBT: Amanda says if she wins Head of Household, she will nominate GinaMarie and Spencer but the real target would be Helen and she’d try to backdoor her.

11:15 PM BBT: Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae and Andy (The 3AM Aliance) talk game. Amanda is now obsessed with getting Helen out. None of them want GinaMarie to win the next HoH because they don’t know who she would put up.

11:40 PM BBT: Amanda and Helen talk about how Jessie is acting too comfortable when she’s up for eviction. They know she is going home for certain (at least with the votes right now) but Jessie doesn’t know this.

8-12-2013 at 1-30-AM1:30 AM BBT: Amanda, Andy, Spencer, McCrae, Andy and Jessie talk in the backyard. Andy says when he was talking with Aaryn at one point, they wondered if David, Nick and Jeremy were cast because they were kind of gay. Andy says that Aaryn said that was disgusting. Andy thinks she is ignorant and insensitive but doesn’t meant to intentionally hurt people. Amanda says she was just joking when she used gay slurs about Andy like when she called him f*ggoty Ann.

Andy says he doesn’t love that Amanda is always calling things retarded. She says she has family members who are mentally challenged and she doesn’t like that she says it either. Amanda talks about how she’s the least racist person ever and she’s had a black pen*s inside her so she is so not racist! If she was racist, she would not f**k a black guy.

8-12-2013 at 2-16-AM2:05 AM BBT: Amanda wants to get busy with McCrae again but he says he just wants to sleep. He says they have a big day tomorrow. They start making out anyway and her head goes down, down, down (cough) under the covers. She basically forces him to have sex with her by putting a condom on him.

It’s very, very short sex. Then they argue about what to do with the condom. They talk about their fake wedding tomorrow and she goes on about them being together after the show. She talks about the guy she was dating back home harassing her. They exchange I love yous and all that. It’s so weird to see this stuff on camera… Frankly, it’s kind of like watching Showtime After Dark, which is really a sick version of torture.

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