Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 7 Monday Morning Live Feeds

The Big Brother 15 cast is up and about this morning getting ready for the Power of Veto Ceremony that should take place in just a few hours. We’ll bring you the Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds on the results as soon as we have them, of course. We don’t really anticipate any big surprises happening at the event but you never know!


As it stands currently, both eviction nominees think they are probably safe this week but one of them is dead wrong. Yes, we have another blindside eviction in the works for this week, although the results of the PoV Ceremony might start giving the true target a pretty strong hint they are in trouble.

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains Big Brother 15 spoilers on game play, alliances, competition results and other information from the Live Feeds that has not yet aired on the CBS network show. You have been warned!

8:15 AM BBT: Production attempts to wake up the HouseGuests a bit earlier than usual because the Power of Veto Ceremony will take place this morning.

9:00 AM BBT: GinaMarie and Jessie are getting ready for the day. Amanda grabs some coffee and says she wants to delay their Big Brother wedding for another day. Jessie laughs and says, why, it’s perfect because she’s hung over. Amanda laughs. McCrae gets called off to the Diary Room, which forces him to get up and get dressed.

8-12-2013-11-24-35-AM9:10 AM BBT: Helen and Amanda talk in the backyard. Amanda talks about Judd breaking the alliance and that’s how he got evicted. (He actually didn’t!) They talk about how loyal Andy is. (He isn’t!) Amanda talks about how she’s a fighter and she has planned so carefully who will go to the end with her on the show. Helen talks about Candice attacking her and McCrae. Amanda says she has yet to break her word to anyone in the game yet.

9:25 AM BBT: Jessie, Elissa and Amanda all talk about living in Texas and trade stories. Eventually they wander off inside to eat and get ready for the Veto Ceremony coming up soon. Meanwhile, GinaMarie and Spencer do some trash talking about Candice. Spencer calls Candice a “gold digging wh*re” and GinaMarie says “you mama’s a hoe” and laughs about saying Candice’s mother didn’t love her when she was evicted. (Because Candice was adopted.) Then they switch to talking about random stuff and Nick. Because with GM, Nick is always going to come up somehow in every conversation.

9:30 AM BBT: Poor Aaryn b*tches about the Have Not room and how uncomfortable it is.

9:35 AM BBT: Jessie is still trying to work Andy and Helen to get Amanda backdoored at the Veto Ceremony. When Helen is gone, Jessie talks about how waffly Elissa is and how she think she would put her up if she won HoH. Jessie thinks it isn’t fair Elissa has had Helen on her side the whole game and made it so far.

9:55 AM BBT: Aaryn says the Big Brother production voice is getting to her. The HouseGuests were called out again about not talking about their Diary Room sessions. Jessie complains she is having a slop freak out. Aaryn says she is having a panic attack and that her adderal needs to kick in. She wonders why Big Brother exists and if it is wise to have it or not. She complains about “them” putting people with opposite personalities in the house.

10:00 AM BBT: Andy comes in and tells Aaryn jokingly that if he backdoored her, she would scream and bang pots together.

8-12-2013-at-10-46-AM10:45 AM BBT: Amanda and Aaryn talk about what kind of underwear you wear with short shorts: thongs or conservative panties? Amanda says she has a “vagina wedgie.” Yeah, thrilling isn’t it? Aaryn says that Jessie keeps asking her if she is safe and she feels bad about lying to her that she is. Amanda says she should say in her goodbye message that Helen made her vote against Jessie at the last minute in so she’s not mad in Jury.

10:55 AM BBT: The Big Brother Live Feeds go to trivia for the Power of Veto Ceremony. We’ll bring you the results as soon as they return!

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