Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 89 Highlights: A Messy Night

Tyler Crispen has already lost quite a few jury votes. Now he’s on-track to lose JC Mounduix’s vote. JC hasn’t been happy with Tyler ever since he nominated and evicted Brett Robinson. Since Thursday, at least once a day (though it’s more like multiple times a day), JC will berate Tyler for his move against Brett. He’ll tell him how stupid the move was, how it cost JC the game, and how Tyler can’t beat Kaycee Clark and Angela Rummans in the end.

Big Brother 20 Tyler Crisen

JC won’t ever let this go as long as the Big Brother 20 game continues. We expect JC to still be mad about this move 20 seasons from now. Yesterday, JC continued his usual routine of blaming Tyler for destroying his chances of winning the game. Tyler told Kaycee and Angela, and they discussed their excitement to tell JC about Level 6 once the Head of Household and Veto competition has been played tomorrow and Wednesday in the Big Brother house.

JC also asked Tyler who he would nominate this week if he won Head of Household. He said it didn’t matter. Everything comes down to the Power of Veto this week. The Power of Veto winner casts the only vote to evict. However, JC didn’t care about any of that, he just wanted confirmation that Tyler wouldn’t put him on the block. He never got it.

Big Brother 20 Kaycee Clark, Tyler Crispen, Angela Rummans

The day was mainly filled with some fun activities and moments. At one point, Level 6 shared a bath with bubbles and bubbly. Another moment PopTV sent them an ice cream maker which lead to a whipped cream fight, and Tyler’s attempts to prank Angela with an ice shower and mayo in face wash. The snapchat glasses also arrived today. While everyone tried to have some fun on their last days, Sam Bledsoe refused it.

She even talked to the camera and described destroying the Big Brother house, especially the Have-Not room. To make matters worse, prior to going to bed, Sam asked Kaycee about her plans for the Veto and vote. Kaycee gave a vague response. Sam won’t be happy when she gets evicted tomorrow, especially if no one tells her ahead of time.

Big Brother 20 Sam Bledsoe

Sadly, we’re probably going to miss any fireworks, and we’ll have to wait to see them when the episode airs on Wednesday.

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