Who Was Evicted on Big Brother 20 Last Night? 9/13/18

Tonight, Haleigh Broucher suspected that she would be leaving the Big Brother 20 game. She managed to survive being on the block two other times. However, she knew it was three strikes and you’re out. Haleigh tried to continue to socialize with the other side and make a few waves, but unless Sam Bledsoe really went full crazy in the game, there was no chance she would stay in the game.

Big Brother 20 Double Eviction

Level 6 tried to keep Haleigh calm and blind to her fate. They reassured her that she would stay this week, and even acted extra nice to her for the last couple of days. Angela Rummans even planned to blame Brett Robinson for Haleigh’s eviction in her goodbye message.

However, anything can happen in the Big Brother game. So there was a slight chance that some last minute game moves could make Haleigh safe, and see Sam walk out the door.

So did Haleigh walk out the door? And who followed her?



Big Brother 20 Haleigh Broucher

Haleigh Broucher was the first person evicted tonight by an unanimous vote. Big Brother 20 Brett Robinson

Next up, Brett Robinson got voted out the Big Brother 20 house. He was evicted by an unanimous vote too.

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