Big Brother 25 Power of Veto Week 9 Competition Results (10/02/23)

Derek Xiao Power of Veto Ceremony

This Big Brother 25 week almost had some excitement with Cameron planning to backdoor Cory. After the Power of Veto Competition, Cameron was set on taking out Cory this week. He just needed to get Jag and Matt to agree to the move. Matt eventually came around to the decision. However, Jag refused to agree that Cameron should backdoor Cory.

Jag knew that if Cory went on the block, they needed to vote him out to not anger Cameron. Jag had several reasons for not wanting to target Cory this week. One of them was that it put the men at a disadvantage with so many women in the house who could ban together against them. It also made Matt and Jag, who have been playing the middle, pick a side.

It also made Jag and Matt’s target become bigger. Additionally, Cory was likely to go after Blue or Cameron before them. Eventually, Jag and Cory himself (unintentionally) convince Cameron to not use the Veto and backdoor him.

Now, Cameron just plans to keep nominations the same and have the house vote out Felicia this week. Cameron even further confirmed his plan to not nominate and evict Cory by trying to throw Blue under the bus this morning. He let Cory know a lot about Blue’s attempts to get Cory backdoored this week.

So going into the Power of Veto Ceremony, any excitement of a change in nominations had died down.

So did Cameron keep to his word of not backdooring Cory? Read below to find out. 



Cameron did not use the Veto. Either Mecole or Felicia will be leaving the game one week short of making the jury. Right now, Felicia is Cameron’s target but the houseguests may try to flip the vote against Mecole. We’ll have to wait until Thursday to see who becomes the final pre-jury houseguest.


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