Celebrity Big Brother Eviction Predictions: Week 2.5- Is this the End for Shannon Elizabeth?

We have our third Celebrity Big Brother live eviction of the season. The first one saw a blindside with Chuck Liddell leaving over James Maslow. The second one had a blindside for the audience, we were expecting a backdoor Shannon Elizabeth plan. Instead, Keshia Knight-Pulliam left the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition house. Tonight may be the first predictable eviction of Celebrity Big Brother.

Celebrity Big Brother Week 2.5 Nominations: Shannon Elizabeth and James Maslow

When Ariadna Gutierrez won the Head of Household competition, we knew she would go after James and Shannon. She didn’t sway from this decision one bit. She nominated James and Shannon to the surprise of no one–even Shannon started to feel it was coming.

Just when the house was starting to shift their target from Shannon to James, he won the Power of Veto competition. This removed James’ name from the eviction conversation. The group then had to decide who to nominate between Mark McGrath and Omarosa.

Mark seemed like the best pawn option because no one would choose to evict him over Shannon, a clearly stronger player and threat in the game. Omarosa was a risk because many of the players saw her as ‘toxic.’ They might get rid of her to protect their image, and they just see her as a long term threat to their games.

So Ariadna went with the safest option: nominating Mark. When it comes to who will leave tonight. It makes 0.2 percent sense to evict Mark over Shannon. Therefore, we predict Shannon will leave the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight by a vote of 6 to 0.

Celebrity Big Brother Shannon Elizabeth

The only thing that could save Shannon is if Julie Chen announces a twist with the Big Brother Bot voting. If this twists gives America the power to save a nominee, then Shannon should be safe, and then Omarosa or Mark will leave the Celebrity Big Brother house.

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