Celebrity Big Brother Recap: (2/12/18) Will the House Blindside Shannon?

Soon after Celebrity Big Brother‘s Omarosa returned from an emergency hospital visit for an asthma attack, the newly crowned Head of Household (HOH), Ross Mathews, nominated her to the block for eviction.  Based on Omarosa’s past dramatic flair for such situations, one would expect all hell to break lose in the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition house.

Shockingly, Omarosa had little, if any, reaction to her nomination for eviction.  Now that she and Keshiaa Knight Pulliam are up for eviction, will either win the Power of Veto (POV) to save their games, or will another houseguest save them and nominate a backdoor option instead?

The talk in the Big Brother house is that Shannon Elizabeth and James Maslow are the new power couple that need to be split apart in the game.  Most houseguests agree that they are strong competitors, and need to be evicted sooner than later, especially Shannon.  Ross has shared more than once that Shannon is playing the game way too hard.

No one seems very concerned about Omarosa or Keisha.  Could this be Omarosa’s game plan to save herself from eviction?  And has Shannon played the game as a super fan so hard that she has played herself right out the Celebrity Big Brother doors?

Brandi Glanville approached HOH Ross about a plan to backdoor Shannon this week.  Ross agreed that this would be a big move and needs to be done, but he reveals that he wants to run this past Marissa Jaret Winokur first.  Surpringly, even though Marissa and Shannon have a final two pact and were friends prior to meeting on Big Brother, Marissa is onboard to baddoor Shannon in the next eviction.  The question remains if Ross has the ‘kahunas’ to make such a big power move in the Big Brother house.

After his talk with Marissa, Ross began his campaign for the votes necessary to evict Shannon. He already has Brandi and Ariadna Gutiérrez onboard and Marissa’s vote. He only needed one more houseguest to successfully backdoor Shannon for the upcoming eviction.  Ross spoke to Mark McGrath, and he was in agreement to backdoor Shannon…strike while the iron is hot, as they say.  Ross has the votes, but does he have the courage to pull the trigger?

The POV this round had a celebrity cruise ship theme titled “Now You Sea It”.  Two houseguests will face off against each other at a time.  Julie Chen will ask them numerically based questions about a celebrity billboard created to advertise the new Big Brother Celebrity Cruise Line.  The first houseguest to ring in with the correct answer wins that round and selects the next two houseguest to compete against one another. The losing houseguest is eliminated from the competition. The last houseguest standing wins the golden POV.

Here goes…Keisha eliminates Ross in the first round and chooses Omarosa and Shannon to compete next.  Omarosa wins and selects Ari and Marissa with Marissa winning.  By default with just two other houseguests remaining, Omarosa and Keisha face off next with Keisha losing. The last round was between Omarosa and Marissa for the POV.

Marissa won the POV competition.  After conversing with some of her fellow houseguests, Marissa announced that she would not be using the POV to save Omarosa or Keisha. (From what was shown right before the commercial break, Keisha was in tears possibly asking to be sent home because she misses her family).

Time for the live eviction. Keshia confirmed that she is asking, no begging the houseguests to send her home because her breast milk has depleted since she has been at the Big Brother house. (Nope, you can’t make this stuff up.)  With a majority vote, all houseguests vote to send Keshia home, therefore by a vote of 7 to 0, Keshia was evicted from the Big Brother house.

Once Keshia thanked her fellow houseguests for sending her home, she joined Julie Chen for her exit interview.  Keshia told Julie how grateful she was that her friends in the Big Brother house listened to her emotional plea and sent her home.

As a single parent, Keshia explained that she is her one-year old daughter’s only source of nutrients and desperately needed to get home to take care of her.  Keshia added that Omarosa was the biggest surprise for her with the cast, and she was glad thatshe had the opportunity to meet her and become friends.  Keshia will be back in less than two weeks to vote for the winner of Celebrity Big Brother.  Until then…

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