Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 64: Jackson and Holly Try to Flip the Vote to Save Christie

If I can say one thing about Christie Murphy’s possible final week, she made sure to make it interesting. We had at least one event each day, including Taco Tuesday. Yesterday, she did what many thought was impossible: swayed Jackson Michie. He really wondered if keeping Analyse Talavera was the best move for his game.

Analyse and Christie spent most of the day doing individual campaigns, and what Christie said, and what Analyse didn’t say became a big topic of discussion, especially for Jackson and Holly Allen.

Analyse told Holly that she wanted Tommy Bracco , Holly, and her to still work together and that Nick Maccarone was her target. She never mentioned Jackson, so Holly and Jackson took note of that. Meanwhile, Christie was making all kinds of pretty promises, especially about going after Nick instead of Holly, Jackson, Cliff Hogg III, and Jessica Milagros. Analyse not confirming that she would protect Jackson was enough for him to start actively working to (possibly) get Christie the votes to stay.

During her campaign, both Jess and Cliff said that whether they voted for her to stay depended on what Jackson ultimately decided. Holly was already worried about Nick coming after her, and with him having a small army with Analyse and Tommy, she wasn’t sure if it was the smart move to leave one of his close allies in the game. They just weren’t sure if they could really trust Christie to work with them and not against them.

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It all once again, came down to Nicole Anthony. She could be the swing vote that saves Christie from eviction or seals her eviction fate. Jackson and Holly said that they would tell Nicole where Jackson wanted the votes to go a little before eviction, so she wouldn’t have to lie or feel like she was betraying anyone. Then Nicole could decide for herself where to vote. This decision would force her to pick a side. In general, Nicole was annoyed that everyone thought she was Nick’s puppet. She didn’t like that label being her Big Brother legacy, and she wanted everyone to know that Nick didn’t control her game.

Tommy was also mad at Christie, Jackson, and Holly. He thought Christie was the one in the wrong for going after Nick, and that Jackson and Holly instigated the fight. He was itching to win this upcoming Head of Household and destroy the final showmance. He blamed Christie and them for ruining her game.

At the end of the night, everyone seemed to find out about the vote flip, including Analyse, who was in tears over it. Holly, Jackson, Cliff, and Nicole made a final four promise.

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