Big Brother 20 Live Episode 37 Recap: Surprise Early Eviction For F5

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20 will feature a special early eviction for the final 5 houseguests leading up to the finale next Wednesday.  Sam Bledsoe and JC Moundiux are currently on the block for eviction, as they were nominated by this week’s Head of Household Angela Rummans.  Before the eviction vote, the Power of Veto competition will be played where one of them has one last chance to save their game.  Although a day earlier than the usual Big Brother weekly schedule, we will say definitely say goodbye to one of the final 5 houseguests this evening.

Big Brother 20

In addition to the POV competition and ceremony followed by the surprise eviction, CBS’s preview of tonight’s episode indicates the new Head of Household competition will be shown as well.  This HOH competition will be between the f4 houseguests and is critical in making it to the F3.  Ironically, it will be this week’s POV winner, leading up to the finale, that will actually cast the deciding vote for eviction.

Aftermath of Block Nominations

If we thought JC threw a hissy fit with Tyler Crispen when he blindsided Brett Robinson and sent him to the jury house, imagine how JC will react when he is the one on the block for eviction.  JC is proud of himself for making this far into the season without being evicted.  He does have a point, but he has floated for most of the season on the back’s of those like Tyler.

JC, as expected, threw all of his emotions and heart at Tyler.  He is still trying to dictate to Tyler how to play his own game.  He won’t give up on telling Tyler to target Angela and Kaycee Clark, just as he did last week.  All JC is doing by harping on Tyler is putting a larger target on his back for eviction.  Sam is supposedly the target for eviction this week according to HOH Angela, but if JC doesn’t watch himself, Tyler may want to change that target.

Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony

This week’s POV is called Your Maze Are Numbered, and the houseguests transform into a brave knight, and they must break the sword’s curse.  They must run through a labyrinth (maze) and find 1 wizard, 2 wolves, and 3 witches…in that order.  If the player does not make it from each station in less than 30 seconds, they will hear a witch’s cackle, and they must to start over.  The player that completes the quest and breaks the curse of the sword in the shortest total time, wins the golden Power of Veto.

Big Brother 20

The players finished the labyrinth with the following times:

Kaycee Clark: 5:46
Sam: 30:00 (timed out)
Tyler: 6:29
Angela: 10:50
JC: 11:09

Kaycee won her 4th POV competition in a row.  At the POV Ceremony, she decided NOT to use to POV and keep the nominations the same.  That makes the most sense for her alliance Level 6.  Now, either Sam or JC will be evicted from the Big Brother house to finalize the final 4 of this season.

Live Eviction Vote & Exit Interview

Kaycee Clark Votes to Evict Sam
Tyler Crispen Votes to Evict Sam

By a unanimous vote of 2-0, Sam is evicted from the Big Brother 20 house.  Contrary to her threats, Sam does not rip the doors off the hinges on her way out the door.  She graciously hugs the remaining houseguests goodbye.

Big Brother 20 Sam Bledsoe

Sam said during her exit interview with Julie Chen that she was surprised by her unanimous vote.  She thought Tyler had her back and JC is just annoying.  She also said she felt alone in the house because she was not prepared for the experience.  On the other hand, she was very appreciative to CBS et al. for the Big Brother experience.

Head of Household Competition

This competition is called What The Bleep?  Players will view a number of videos of the houseguests making various statements throughout the season.  There will be a bleeped out word in the video, and Julie will give the players a potential answer of what the bleeped out word really was in the video.  The players must choose true or false, and the player with the most correctly answered questions wins the HOH competition.

Big Brother 20

After 4 rounds, the score is JC 4, Tyler 3, and Kaycee 2.  In the end, JC won with a score of 5 with just 1 point over Tyler.  This is the first competition JC has won all summer long.  Nothing like waiting to the end to win a competition.  By all means, if JC had not won this HOH, he would have probably been evicted this week by Level 6.

Big Brother 20

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Join us again tomorrow at 8:00pm CST/9:00pm EST for the next eviction from the Big Brother house.