Big Brother 20 Week 12/13 Power Ranking-Who Among the Final Four Ranks at the Top?

We’re only a week away from the Big Brother 20 finale. Last night, we were treated to a few spoilers. First, we found out that JC Mounduix pulled off the biggest upset of the season: he won Head of Household. This disrupted Level 6’s plans to make the final three together. Now one member will fall six days short of the Big Brother 20 finale. According to Vegas4sure, the Head of Household competition was “What the Bleep,” and JC beat Tyler Crispen by one point.

Big Brother 20 Final Four

The day before, JC promised Kaycee Clark that he wouldn’t nominate her for eviction. Instead, he wanted Tyler to feel the same betrayal he felt during the Double Eviction. He kept his promise to Kaycee by nominating Tyler and Angela Rummans for eviction this week. However, evicting Angela is JC’s main goal this week. It’ll come down to the final Power of Veto. Now that JC has a taste of power, his position in the game might change slightly going into finale week. However, does he have the skills to win the game? Here’s our final Big Brother 20 Power Ranking.


Big Brother 20 Angela Rummans

Angela is most likely going to be the player going to the jury house on Thursday. The only way Angela stays safe is if she pulls off a Power of Veto victory. This isn’t out of the question as Angela has won quite a few competitions. However, up against Kaycee and Tyler (the Veto queen and king of the season), the odds are not in her favor. Additionally, if Angela magically makes it to the end, we find it hard to see her winning the five votes she needs to become the Big Brother 20 champion.


Big Brother 20 JC Mounduix

JC may be in power now, but he’s not likely to pull off another victory. We don’t see JC winning part one or two of the final Head of Household competitions, and even if he did, we see him struggling to figure out which juror picked what answer. He doesn’t have the best read on the former players. If JC manages to make it to the end, he has a good chance of winning. We just don’t think he’ll make it there, because Tyler will probably be too scared of the Hive all voting for JC just to spite Level 6, which is a legitimate fear.


Big Brother 20 Tyler Crispen

Tyler started the game with such promise. However, he’s made a lot of risky moves towards the latter half of the game. We would be surprised at this point if Tyler beats anyone but Angela in the final two. Nevertheless, Tyler is ruthless enough to cut JC and surprising everyone by evicting Kaycee over Angela this week. If Tyler wins the final Veto, who knows if he breaks his promise to Kaycee or stays loyal. Despite Kaycee being a major threat to his win, we think in the end he’ll stay loyal to her, which will cost him $500,000.


Big Brother 20 Kaycee Clark

If Kaycee makes it to the finals, she’s the most likely to win Big Brother 20, but it’ll be a hard road. Kaycee needs to win this week’s Veto competition, because it’s the only way to ensure Tyler doesn’t betray her. Additionally, she’ll have to win the final Head of Household as well, but that might be a harder task. Kaycee hasn’t performed well in the Head of Household competitions, so we don’t know if she can pull off the final victory, especially against Tyler.

It’ll be interesting to see which one of these four players becomes the Big Brother 20 winner. Only a week left before we find out.

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