Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Eviction Nominations – Week 3

After this week’s Big Brother 20 eviction and Head of Household competition. viewers did not know what to expect. Scottie Salton evicted one of his closet allies while wearing his shirt. If that’s not ruthless, we don’t know what is. No one knew whether Scottie planned to target his own allies (Faysal Shafaat, Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, Bayleigh Dayton, and Haleigh Broucher) or the other side (Kaycee Clark, Angela Rummans, Rachel Swindler, Brett Robinson, and Winston Hines).

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Scottie could also go after the floaters (Kaitlyn Herman, Tyler Crispen, and JC Mounduix). The only thing we knew for certain was that Sam Bledsoe was safe this week.

Tyler really wants to use Scottie’s HOH week to get out Rockstar, as she is one of the players openly speaking about targeting him. Last night, Tyler made several attempts, even got Kaitlyn, Brett, and Winston in on the plan, to sway Scottie into taking out Rockstar. He even told Scottie that Rockstar was the swing vote to evict Steve Arienta in week one.

Scottie listened to all of Tyler’s claims, but ultimately decided that whatever Rockstar did or didn’t do wasn’t important this week. He didn’t want to target any of the people on his side. He wanted to go after Winston and Brett. Scottie debated if one of them had the power, which could force him to name additional nominees.

In the end, he decided that he would just take his chances with the BB App powers. He would nominate Winston and Brett, and then see how everything plays out this week.

So did Scottie stick to his initial nominate plans? Read below to find out.



Scottie indeed stuck with the plan. He nominated Brett Robinson and Winson Hines for eviction. We are still only at the start of the week, so who knows if Tyler will eventually get his way; he’ll be trying hard to have those nominations change by Monday.

Join us tomorrow to find out who wins this week’s Big Brother 20 Power of Veto competition.

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