Big Brother Live Feed Highlight: Caleb Eats Fish Head [VIDEO]

Big Brother 2014 cast member Caleb Reynolds may gag at eating a pickle, but apparently biting the head off a fish is no problem at all! Caleb just about choked when he downed a briny pickle a while back to win a date with Amber. When dared to gulp down the head of a raw fish, however, he grinned while tearing it apart with his teeth.

Big Brother Live Feeds Highlight Caleb

Yes, you can apparently dare Caleb to eat just about anything because he’s just that kind of guy. We thought watching Caleb turn green while swallowing a pickle on a dare to go out with Amber was kind of gross. But that was nothing compared to the ick factor of seeing him rip the head off a fish with his teeth on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Caleb was just joking around with the raw fish at first, biting into one. But then, as it often does with guys, the whole thing escalated quickly. Caleb said he would “eat the head off” one of the fish and Zach promptly dared him to do just that.

So Caleb sunk his teeth in and ripped one of the heads off the fish with his teeth, accompanied by screams and gagging sounds from the other Houseguests.

The lesson to be learned here is that if you dare Caleb to do something, especially if it involves eating something gross, you best be prepared for him to follow through!

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